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How the West Manufactures “terrorism”

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

There was a very revealing (inadvertently revealing) article in Reuters about the current situation in Egypt. There is also great irony here. I had dismissed the (latest) Military Thug-Government in Egypt as nothing but more Western puppets, who would do nothing but prance-and-caper as commanded by their Masters.

Now we see this Thug Government engaging in (apparently) a very progressive measure: directing the population into more “moderate” teaching of Islam. But instead of praising and encouraging this initiative (which is EXACTLY what Western leaders have been preaching, themselves), we see the Corporate media — and Western governments — reacting to this initiative with skepticism bordering on scorn.

Why is this? To answer that question; we must first ask another question. WHO “radicalized” Islam, in the first place? The West did.

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