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How the Fed Is Helping the Few and Hurting the Rest

from TomWoodsTV:

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1 comment to How the Fed Is Helping the Few and Hurting the Rest

  • tomche

    I do not understand your slam on Chris Hedges at the tail end of your interview – and I take exception to that. In my humble opinion, Chris Hedges is an American hero. He doesn’t just talk – he acts. Did you know that he teaches prison inmates? Did you know that he personally sued Obama? Chris is a true intellectual who is more interested in creating a better, more free world than building a monument to himself as so many other intellectuals before him have done.
    What exactly is your beef with him? I cannot conceive of any rational human bashing Chris without an agenda…. got one?
    Have you read any of his books or watched any of his youtube vids? I doubt it.
    Regardless, I will no longer waste my time listening to you…

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