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GUEST POST: Was the Greek Development Already “in the Market”? […NOPE!!!]

by Bill Holter, SGT

Now that we know Greece will default, where do things go from here? Before getting to that very tough question (with no concrete answers), I would ask another stinging question. “Was a Greek default really “already in the market”? I have to chuckle just a little as Zerohedge did an article quoting many “talking heads” who as of last Friday were still doing their best Bruce Willis imitations and advising “come out to the coast, we’ll have a BLAST”! How Could The “Greek Experts” Be So Wrong?

As I questioned last week, a Greek default and Eurozone exit was in no way already factored into the market …unless you believe today’s carnage is a result of Puerto Rico ‘fessing up to their bankruptcy!

Where exactly does this go from here? First and foremost, Greece is on par with Lehman Bros. of 2008 or may even be worse! For a sovereign government to go down, or I should say “be allowed” to go down is worse than Lehman. Lehman Bros. was “forced down” and put out of business before anyone figured out what the actual ramifications were. Now, everyone knows of the interconnected ramifications yet Greece was still “allowed” to default (yes I know, whether it is classified truly as a default remains to be seen?). My point is this, if the central banks were truly omnipotent, then how could “a Greece” ever happen? For those of you who believed it would be “papered over” as everything else up until now has …something has changed!

But what exactly has changed? Greece, or Detroit, or Puerto Rico or wherever, are all small but they are REPRESENTATIVE of what is wrong with the entire system. In fact, if you truly break the numbers down I believe you will find the U.S. is actually in a deeper hole than Greece. Before you scream at me, please include all of the guarantees and future U.S. obligations, if you do this you will see Greece is actually a fiscal tightwad!

Beginning immediately it is important to understand any institution can seem healthy one day yet announce insolvency the following day. This is NO JOKE and I am not grandstanding. We just do not know who owns or is obligated to “what”. The financial markets and the individual players are so levered in various directions, volatility as we are now seeing can easily bankrupt the underfunded overnight. I believe this has already happened over the last few years but clandestine funding has kept it hidden. The recent volatility may have been too sharp, sudden or violent to keep the evil genie in the bottle, we will soon see.

I cannot stress how important it is now for you to be on guard for anything at any time. A market closure, though likely over a weekend can occur during ANY WEEKDAY! Do not allow yourself to be lulled to sleep by any rallies from here or stories of how “the storm has passed”. It is ONLY BEGINNING! Greece is absolutely nothing compared to what is to come. Even the Chinese market has entered bear market (-20%+) from just a month ago and the leverage in that market is huge with an unwinding due. Ultimately however, this will end up taking out most all of the major money center banks worldwide. To see London, Frankfurt, Washington D.C. and even Basel Switzerland buckle under the coming CDS/derivatives meltdown will not be a shock to me. As this progresses, it may take weeks or months to unfold but be aware 48 hours is truly all that’s needed.

The only thing I can tell you with certainty is this; as the meltdown proceeds I can guarantee physical gold and silver will still be standing. My thought is they will be standing “much taller” than they are today as they truly are “money” and global “monies” are going to come under scrutiny. This is at the core question to be answered of it all …”what is money”? The current belief is that “debt is money”, it is not and never was. Debt may have been perceived as money or even an asset …it has and always will be a liability!


Standing watch for you,
Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
[email protected]

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26 comments to GUEST POST: Was the Greek Development Already “in the Market”? […NOPE!!!]

  • You are right on. End Times Prophecy says that it will get so bad that it will take a day’s wages just to buy a few loaves of bread. This is what is now starting to unravel worldwide and will reach that point soon… More at

    • Y’know, the Christians of Nazi Germany thought they were living in the End Times, too. Positive in their conviction that Hitler was the Antichrist.

      In the end, though, they ended up just like the Millerites of the mid-1800s; utterly dumbfounded that the “prophecies” (read: predictive programming) of John’s Revelation were not yet upon them:

      Perhaps you should join your local LDS chapter and accept that you’re already living in a post-End Times world? At least that way there’d be no Great Disappointment.

      Or put down the fairytale, exoteric version of religious doctrine and explore the esoteric, as the Gnostics did, before the peace-loving Christians massacred them all?

      A precessional “day” = 2,160 Years
      216 = 6 x 6 x 6

      Nine months (in the womb) = 270 Days
      The Zodiac = 360 degrees
      The Esoteric Number of the Sun = 36
      270 + 360 + 36 = 666

      The human genome, made up of 23 chromosomes:
      2/3 = .666

      MAN is the Beat of John’s Revelation… wonder what that makes the Son (Sun) of Man? And isn’t Numerology inherently “Satanic”? Why would John encode the messages of pagans in monotheistic doctrine? Makes one wonder whether those Gnostics were onto something after all…

      • Eric

        No. Numerology is not inherently “satanic.” It is saturnian perhaps.

        But then why is there a hexagram on Saturn? hmmm makes you think eh rusticus?

        • Curious, indeed, Eric… aren’t Saturn and the Son (Sun) also interchangeable within certain occult Zodiacal traditions? And above that seemingly impossible “geographic” feature you mention rests a “halo,” encircling the planet. How befitting for the planetary Angel of Death.

    • Ed_B

      “End Times Prophecy says that it will get so bad that it will take a day’s wages just to buy a few loaves of bread.”

      Or perhaps even a couple of US 90% silver dimes? 🙂

      • Craig it's all gone

        Glad to see some smart people know about the history of silver (values), the silver DENARIUS coins.
        Back when Roman soldiers worked a HARD day (perhaps building a road or getting killed in battle), the pay was a Denarius (about equal to ONE silver dime-USA-pre ’65).

        Then as Rome began debasing their silver coinage (inflation), the nation eventually failed as the money failed. TOO much gov’t spending & then Q.E. infinity.

        Today’s bankers try to tell people that Rome fell because of sexual bad morals, but the bankers never tell the truth, they always try to divert-pervert the truth.

        Sexy people don’t collapse nations, it’s the bankers & gov’t spending that topples over the empire.

        Those religious folks, love to talk about “intelligunt Dezine”, and the “all knowing, all seeing God”,, and yet the human females are designed with the “thrill ride” is located only 1 inch away from the sewage disposal orifice? (and then, by “intelligunt Dezine”, the “almighty funny Lord” just happened to “create” the 2nd largest number of Pleasure Nerve Cells in and around the anus/rectum area?)

        Now, another “intelligunt dezine” to discourage people from masterbating, the human arms and hands, are exactly the proper LENGTH that our hands, hand DOWN at exactly the RIGHT place to easily touch ourselves,, AND, AND AND,, the fact that an ORGASM produces the MOST PLEASUREABLE Physical reaction compared to EVERY other human emotion and/or sensation.

        So,, you create a creature that is pre-designed for sexual pleasure and what would ANY intelligent God figure out what will happen? BINGO!!! Sex-O-Rama!!!

    • Ed_B

      Change? Isn’t that’s what’s left of what we used to have in dollars?

      Don’t forget about “hope”… as in, “We hope that this Obamunist crap will soon end!”.

      • glitter 1

        Actually O is just the latest dumb flunky put into place to do their bidding.He will be rewarded handsomelyfor his treason.I knew something was up when they awarded him the Nobel Peace Prize just weeks into his election.By that action,TPTB where telling The World that they have installed their “Chosen” Man to Transform America in preparation for their soon to be NWO.

  • rich

    US Hedge Funds Get Bailed Out If Greeks Pass Bailout Referendum (1/2)

    Foreign banks want to bleed the patient when a policy of debt cutting and tax reform would revive the Greek economy, say UMKC’s Bill Black and Michael Hudson – June 30, 2015

  • Craig it's all gone

    Hell No. Not even the Market is priced into the market.

    “There is no spoon.”

    The only way to beat the game, is to “not play the game”.

    Ask NOT what your country can do for you,, but what your country can do for the corporations, bankers & elites.
    (the only thing they want YOU to do, is to be a good sheeple. Obey, pay, and die quietly.)

  • Willie

    Didn’t the Swiss have a “referendum” on Gold just a short time ago? With the way that voting is rigged today it is just another way to screw the people… and make them think that they did it.

    • Timco

      Exactly right Willie. The outcome has already been decided.

    • Ed_B

      Yes, they did… and their banksters predicted that DIRE things would happen if that referendum passed because then the Swiss banksters could not maintain the peg of the Swiss franc to the EU euro, which HAD to be preserved or all hell would break loose. Almost immediately AFTER voting down that referendum, the peg to the euro was halted by the SNB anyway. No hell has been seen in Switzerland, however. So much for truth in banking.

      Scotland also had a referendum fail on becoming a free country that is separate from the UK and we can all bet our last silver dollar that the banksters were involved in that up to their platinum cufflinks and tie pins.

      In neither case should any of us doubt whether or not those referenda were “fixed”. Why would they not be manipulated when everything else already is?

      • Craig it's all gone

        You’re absolutely correct about all the “rigging” on anything that is important.

        I always fall back on this clever old saying.

        “If voting really had the power to change anything, it would be illegal.”

    • Willie

      What the “referendum” accomplishes is that it gets the Greek government off the hook for having to ram austerity upon the Greek people… they are literally being “Greeced” by Syriza & the Eurocrats by being “allowed” to choose their fate. I will be quite surprised if the vote goes against continued austerity…

  • Ed_B

    “How Could The “Greek Experts” Be So Wrong?”

    Quite easily, actually. We are in uncharted waters, folks. Nobody knows WTH is going on or how all of these Keynesian economic and banking experiments will work out. Because of this, THERE ARE NO EXPERTS… but there are plenty of people pretending to be “experts”. A fellow once told me the definition of an expert: x = an unknown quantity, spurt = a drip under pressure. Combined the two to create an “expert”. 😉

    “Before you scream at me, please include all of the guarantees and future U.S. obligations, if you do this you will see Greece is actually a fiscal tightwad!”

    We hear a lot about these future US liabilities but we never hear boo about future US earnings. Why is that? Maybe not as spectacular to look at both? Seems to me that if we are gonna look at one side of the ledger, we really ought to look at BOTH sides of it. That WOULD be fair, would it not?

  • med_mercenary

    Over 300 prophecies relating to the coming of Jesus Christ, written hundreds of years before his advent. I’m going to put my faith in the One who stands outside of time, before mere mortals. I wonder who might be influencing the writers and philosophers who so many spout as truth. “It must be true . . it sounds plausible and besides, I can live the way I choose to live.” That will satisfy the shallow and superficial, but the true thinker and the true seeker will seek on. Therefore, seek on! Why . . because, the day draws closer when you’ll stand before the same One who wrote to you those many things before they happened. the One that made you, and your life fails to acknowledge what now is obvious as you quiver in stark fear, it will be too late to rethink the foolish positions you chose to believe.

    • Craig it's all gone

      George Carlin explains Bullshit (religion)

      Betty Bowers explains “Traditional Marriage” from the bible.

      • glitter 1


        Can you answer me one thing! Where is George Carlin right now?

        • Eric

          Beyond the “freak show.”

          • glitter 1

            Is he?You know that’s wishful thinking at best.Eternity is a long time to take to gambling.

          • Nd60

            “freak show” is the ONLY entertainment is town
            for some…
            who has chosen…
            to believe…
            its the ONLY show in town…
            because they have chosen…
            to believe…
            that their belief…
            is true and cannot be wrong..
            can never ever be otherwise…
            and its the only belief in town for them…
            that is true…
            for the eternity…

            but everything else is subjective
            and the same species wants to believe
            and everything else has choice, free choice, other options of democracy
            and some can be wrong so deceitful so “evil”
            and almost always everything else cannot be ALL-RIGHT
            every other choice and belief come with the good and the bad
            everything is half-truth half-lie
            but not that belief in their chosen god

            Is such the play of the snake
            the ego beast who want to be (like) god
            it cannot be otherwise?
            some say they are born for it
            its their fixed destiny

            this is my personal “god chaser” experience
            after graduating from the Masters of Theology quest to know the truth about “god”
            and to date still unable to find the history and credible archaeology “proof” of such person ever existed
            but still perhaps they are right
            its a narrow gate
            its the only ‘freak show’ in town
            so good many find it totally unbelievable
            and there is no logic no argument no need of proof to it all

            truth probably is…
            god exist bar any one of our chosen belief
            filtered thro the blinded and very limited sense of “truth”
            choose the “right” god, HOPEFULLY you will pass thro to somewhere
            choose the “wrong” god, that will be the end
            its gambling time truly yours
            its a Double Edge SWORD – fair to all punters alike
            god is fair right?
            surely god is not like the government who outright unjustly benefit his own?

            SO? is god “alien”? since by our human self-MADE definition/knowledge,
            based and filtered thro our very blinded and limited sense apparatus,
            well? just that god is so not like us?
            how does god look like in your imagery of “him”?
            definitely not the image of the Hollywood blond dude right?
            who can see (see: one of the human sensation) god and live since Exodus 33:20
            but some claim otherwise
            so did the same god defy himself?
            or the son disobey the father?
            why would god has 2 hands when thousand would be so much more fun?
            there are just too many questions even if it were restricted to ‘my chosen belief”
            for me that is…
            you are free to choose for yourself
            and you will not have it otherwise
            what is best for you

            and that’s only “human”
            and a gambling and a play

            my sense is… at the end
            the casino is fake the chips are fake the girls are fake the drinks are fake the thrill are also fake
            all the cheating are fake therefore all the winning are fake
            and then some of us wake up
            and some ended in the episode of that story
            some are just a character in the story
            they never get out

            good luck

            • Nd60

              BTW im not saying you should leave your faith and your church
              just that in the pursuit of “truth”
              since its a “eternal” choice that lead to opposing ending… seemingly
              its a tricky business

              may your god be good to you.

    • Craig it's all gone

      Did you ever notice, that the ONLY time Jesus ever got mad and lost his temper? It was when he got mad at the BANKSTERS (money changers) who were taking in silver, gold and bronze coinage,,and exchanging those PM coins,, for Doves, Sheep, and other animals for “Temple Sacrifice”..

      SO the bankers were grabbing REAL money, and trading it for FARM animals which REPRODUCE freely. (Kind of like a farmer-Rancher-Banker version of “Q.E/ money printing”.

      Jesus wanted people to hold onto their PM’s and not fall into the FIAT trap.
      Don’t forget, Jesus ALSO was a PREPPER who believed every man should own a MILITARY QUALITY WEAPON OF WAR. (at that time, it was the SWORD).

      He said,,if a man has NO sword,, he should SELL his CLOAK and use the money to BUY an ASSAULT WEAPON (Sword). PS- a SWORD can kill a HUNDRED people in less than 5 minutes. That is a very high rate of continuous firing.

      Even the Disciples carried ASSAULT SWORDS. The nice thing about an ASSUALT WEAPON SWORD,, is that you NEVER run out of AMMO, and it’s always on FULL AUTOMATIC as long as your arms don’t stop working.

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