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Greece CONTINUES to say “NO” to FAKE bail-outs

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

I’m totally bored by this pathetic farce, and I don’t understand why Greece’s government doesn’t simply DECLARE its (inevitable) debt-default — and then it can start moving forward with its economy, even though things will get worse over the short-term. All I can surmise is that (behind the scenes) Greece’s new (Eastern) “friends” — notably Russia — are putting together their own rescue package, and so Greece is just stalling for time. Otherwise, dragging this out makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. It just delays (and extends) the pain for the Greek people.

What option does it have? The EU (and ECB) Vampires will never negotiate, ever, period. Their Master (the One Bank) has given them unequivocal orders: no debt-forgiveness, no HELP of any kind for this dying economy. Just PILE MORE DEBT onto it — and call that “a bail-out”.

What do the Vampires (and their Master) want? They want to keep piling more debt onto these bankrupt nations, while imposing “more Austerity”. Translation? EVERY YEAR these governments are supposed to cut more and more funding that they spend on the People (and simply keeping the economy from total collapse) so there is MORE MONEY FOR INTEREST PAYMENTS.

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  • Spider Man (Crime Fighter)

    The URL Provided at BullionBullsCanada displays a Fatal error message. No doubt Jeff’s efforts (Words) are coming under attack by….. ??? who knows who ???

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