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Gold/Silver News of the Week

from GoldBroker:

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2 comments to Gold/Silver News of the Week

  • harry

    Sinclair has been wrong for 3 yrs now…his predictions r not coming true…he has blown himself out…his gold mine, well, good luck with that!

    Sprott, Mr “all in” still likes to be called a billionaire…shows ego problem.

    These two have caused many losses for followers.

  • Ed_B

    “These two have caused many losses for followers.”

    Perhaps, but I lose no sleep over this because letting others do our thinking for us is most definitely a sheeple activity. Not being a sheeple, I do not allow others to do my thinking for me. Not ever… but particularly not when money is involved. Those of us who do our own due diligence BEFORE buying an asset do not get into things that we don’t understand or get into them for the wrong reasons or in the wrong way. Therefore, our “losses” are either minimal or non-existent.

    I started stacking in early 2010. I did not do that to become quickly wealthy. I did it because I see PMs as financial insurance against those “Oh, s**t!” scenarios that are out there and that happen from time to time. Because it is insurance, I buy it and put it away for the day when it will be most useful. What PM prices do in US$ in the meantime is of no consequence to me. I simply buy PMs at regular intervals and in modest amount. Over time, this results in a significant stack and a fair price.

    Added to this, I buy a little more when prices are down and a little less when prices rise. This is what works when other approaches fail, people get discouraged, and sell off their stack at a big loss. Selling is how paper losses are converted into real losses. This happens every time there is a stock bear market, so it is nothing new.

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