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Fukushima News 6/12/15: IAEA Blasts Fuku Operator-Safeguards Lacking; *Missing* Foreign Trainees

from MissingSky101:

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1 comment to Fukushima News 6/12/15: IAEA Blasts Fuku Operator-Safeguards Lacking; *Missing* Foreign Trainees

  • Craig escaped from Detroit

    I used to watch this international news channel (NHK Japan) on my Roku box, but they are painfully obviously avoiding hardly ANY mention of Fukushima, Radiation, fallout or “contaminated food, air water, etc.”

    The channel has become mostly a “cultural cheerleader” showing happy, feel good shows. FukuGEDDON is non stop death, and getting hotter and worse all the time. It will never be “contained” during the next 100 years,, and probably not possible to ever stop it for a million years. Thanks G.E., thanks TEPCO, Thanks Nuclear Power. You are murdering every living thing for a few quick bucks.

    Did you see how Japan is SO happy to ship fresh sea food (from N. Japan, not far from FukuPOISON),, for consumers in Hong Kong & other places? But nobody was getting near it with a geiger counter?

    I bought a Geiger counter for my own personal protection (but I could not afford the more expensive units that detect Alpha emissions (which comes from Plutonium etc). But mine detects gamma & beta.

    I often visit the independent monitoring sites (don’t trust our gov’t to give HONEST radiation reports).

    I refuse to eat ANY sea food that comes out of the Pacific, and yes, that includes Alaska, Oregon, California, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, Philippines, China, HongKong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, etc.

    ALL those places are getting much more radiation from FukuDEATH than is being reported.

    It’s a scandal how the main news medias refuse to tell the news that I find on

    There is SOOooo much MASSIVE death of sea life along our Pacific coastline from Alaska, Canada, California & Mexico. Starfish extinction, sardines, herring, seals, walrus, polar bears, salmon, scallops, shrimp, lobster, crabs, clams, oysters, plankton, kelp, whales, orcas, dolphins, sharks, birds that eat fish (Pelicans, Eagles, shore birds, etc). We import thousands of tons of CATFISH (from Vietnam, Malaysia, etc. Don’t forget all the shrimp, prawns and other foods we import from Asia.

    And don’t forget all the AIRBORN fallout (both from Fukushima & from Pacific ocean evaporation) that gets picked up by the jetstream and then falls onto the USA,, from California to NYC and all parts in between. If you follow (read) the past reports, you’d be amazed and scared at some of the BIG radiaton readings and VISIBLE damage to plants, trees, crops, (and don’t forget heart attacks, etc) in places such as Colorado, Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Oregon-Washington, Vancouver, California, etc. YOu don’t find this on FOX, CNN, NBC, ABC, etc.

    Agriculture is being contaminated in California from this, but it’s hard to find news or testing about this. I don’t want to buy anymore groceries, fruits, veggies or nuts from our west coast anymore.

    I started growing my own garden and fruit trees.

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