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Did Greece’s Government Cave in to Terrorists??

by Jeff Nielson Bullion Bulls:

The Corporate media has been gleefully proclaiming victory for the past two days; as Greece’s previously defiant government has apparently “agreed to concessions”, as the first step toward PILING MORE DEBT onto this bankrupt economy. The EU has been practicing any/every form of economic terrorism at its disposal, to attempt to bully Greece’s government into acquiescing to more of this self-destruction.

Obviously if the Tsipras government is now embracing more of this economic suicide, it can only mean that the coercion (and threats) have finally worn down their resistance. Being a crime syndicate; perhaps senior government members were simply told that if they didn’t “cooperate” that members of their families would begin to have “accidents”???

Whatever the cause; the result is that the remainder of the Syriza government and elected officials are reacting ANGRILY to this apparent sell-out by Tsipras and other senior officials. And this comes only a few days after Greece’s “Truth committee” published a report concluding that these bond debts were “odious” and should not be honoured/paid.

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1 comment to Did Greece’s Government Cave in to Terrorists??

  • Willie

    You can pretty much rest assured that when someone who aspires to political office in this day and age gets elected, they will eventually sell out their constituents. Government for the highest bidder is the status quo.

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