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Marco Janssen from The Janssen joins me to dissect the devious and malevolent plans of the International Bankster elite. As Marco points out, the blueprint of the Banksters includes endless debt compounded by usurious interest. The goal is to enslave nations and people to debt which can NEVER be re-payed, leaving future generations mired in Bankster-designed serfdom. This is nothing less than Neo-Feudalism, and as Greece has so clearly illustrated, if the people don’t rise up and fight back, the Banksters will seize key infrastructure and public works. As we have long said here at SGT Report, at this point in human history it’s clear that the real war being waged on planet earth is the war of the BANKSTERS VS. HUMANITY.

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63 comments to DEBT, USURY & BANKER DESIGNED SERFDOM — Marco Janssen

  • anon

    EXCELLENT work, Sean (and Marco!)

    1) A MUST WATCH! Revealed: The Men Who Own and Run The U.S. Gov’t

    2) Four Horsemen – Feature Documentary – Official Version

    3) A MUST READ! X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

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    • SGT

      Thank you anon, you are always one of the best, if not the best contributor to the comments section at SGT Report. Your links (and commentary) are always spot on and very informative.

      • anon

        Sean, as you know, there are some regulars (readers/contributors/commenters) here at SGT Report, (like Eric, Gnostic, rl, and a good number of others) that have truly broken through the programming, and have truly “awakened” from the completely deceptive official indoctrination, that the “elites” rely so heavily upon, to keep the “herd” (of Americans, especially) in the mental/psychological pen. I truly appreciate your recognition of my efforts to connect-the-FACTS for SGT readers (especially the HIDDEN FACTS, that strangely are ALWAYS left out of our school textbooks…)

        The evidence is nearly ALL on the internet now. There is a PREPONDERANCE of EVIDENCE, often in the words of the “elites” themselves, that proves, beyond ANY SHADOW OF A DOUBT, that the “elites” of the West have A PLAN – AN AGENDA – which involves eliminating the American Middle Class, globalizing poverty, exterminating national sovereignty everywhere around the globe, but especially the National Sovereignty of the United States! It involves taking everything digital that can be taken digital – including spying on your every move, and eliminating cash – and involves handing total control over “global governance” or a ONE-WORLD GOVERNMENT to (WESTERN)(INTERNATIONAL) CENTRAL BANKERS, and their “helpers” & goons/jackboots/thugs. Their AGENDA will include more DEBT, more wars, more hijacked “revolutions”, more genocide!, more FAMINE (also = genocide!), more geo-engineering (also = more genocide) and just generally, more debt-enslavement, and death, because those are the two tangible, REAL “products” or “services”, if you will, that the W.I.C.B. in their very expensive & nicely-pressed suits & ties (and skirts) give us, along with press releases about their latest meetings – 1) Debt-enslavement, and 2) Death. (Seriously, how is it possible for $8.5 TRILLION to “go missing” from the Pentagon!? I guess, the American people should DEMAND it be accounted for, or tell our so-called “Representatives” – “We aren’t going to pay it!”) Of course, we all know (or should know, by now) what is going on, here. This is a SHAKE-DOWN of America. Now, we are awaiting the TAKE-DOWN. THIS is why I keep emphasizing what ACTUALLY happened in the 1917 so-called “Russian” “Revolution” – because once you know the FACTS behind that “Revolution”, as well as the so-called “French” “Revolution”, by the way, you realize that what we’ve been told about both of those “Revolutions” is practically totally erroneous – and it is CLEAR (CRYSTAL CLEAR), that the so-called “elites” of the West are preparing right now – for the collapse of the United States economy. Why? To maintain CONTROL. Because they’ve been USING the United States and it’s people, and its military for the past 100+ years, just as they previously did the English, to control the entire planet’s RESOURCES (including its HUMAN “RESOURCES”), via trade, & control over the corporations, governments, national currencies, and utilizing the British Navy, and then the U.S. Marines (not to mention the CIA, and Economic Hitmen, when foreign leaders weren’t “playing along”), to basically maintain control over everything. These people have ALL the fiat “money” they could EVER possibly want, let alone “need”. So, what do they desire most? POWER. And, what do we know about POWER? Power corrupts, and absolute power – corrupts – absolutely. (Benito Mussolini got his start in politics with a 100BP (British Pound) weekly paycheck from MI5! GLOBAL CORPORATOCRACY = GLOBAL FASCISM + GLOBAL TECHNOCRACY = GLOBAL CORPORATOCRATIC/FASCIST TECHNOCRACY. They want TOTAL control. (Question: Why is it SO EASY for us to see, and comprehend their agenda, yet sheeple will look at us like WE are the crazy ones, at the mere mention of the “Bilderbergers”, or “Trilateral Commission” or the “Rockefellers” and “Rothschilds”? Answer: INDOCTRINATION, and SOCIAL CONFORMITY – the desire to remain a part of the dumbed-down, indoctrinated herd, and to not be part of the conspiracy “theorist” group. THAT is what we are up against. Too many Americans still, in 2015, do NOT think for themselves. Sorry it took me so long to say that. It’s truly EXASPERATING attempting to bridge the chasm between us (the AWAKENED ONES) and the sheeple. We have to, somehow, at least present them with a LONG-UN-BROKEN-CHAIN-OF-DOCUMENTED-UN-DENIABLE-HISTORICAL-FACTS – such a preponderance of evidence – that even the most closed-minded CONFORMISTS among us simply have no way of escaping the obvious, logical conclusion. In time, when the economic collapse affects them, personally – MAYBE then, they’ll “awaken”.

        • Sergio of the Jungle

          Anon, MAYBE then, they’ll awaken. Wishful thinking, son.
          Bill Holter just posted about an email he received from a subscriber travelling through Zimbabwe.
          It told of a conversation this guy had with a Zimbabwean, where the fellow said that his parents went from affluent to pauper in a matter of days because of the PTBs destruction of their currency through hyper-inflation. When asked if his parents had considered buying gold, he replied that they thought that it was too risky. When asked what he was investing in, he replied: “US dollars”! When informed that the US was just as bankrupt as Zimbabwe, he was shocked to hear it. no deduction through extrapolation that we are all on the same system of currency creation, living the dream. When asked if he would consider buying gold as insurance against currency destruction, he was very hesitant with his reply of “MAYBE”,!!!!!
          You understand that education curriculums globally are mere semantics apart in construct and delivery. The students are programmed to reach for the stars, i.e. GET A JOB.
          Why? Because they only want you for the labour and they have conditioned workers to accept a printed piece of paper for their efforts. When it costs them more than a printed piece of paper feed you, or the cost of a debit card with which you can access their digital credits (Mind blowing!!!! they don’t even need to print!!!!), you lose what little worth you to them, discarded with as much thought to the process as flushing a turd down the sewer ; happy to see you go.
          Once tapped out the nation of its resources, it too will be flushed.
          The basis of their system is enslavement and that’s the root of it, that’s the reality that won’t be countenanced by the sheeple, because they only have the thinking tools that the system has inculcated into them.
          Knowing that educational curriculums and delivery method around the globe are only separated by mere semantics, I find it highly doubtful that even a stupendous crash will wake them from their stupor.
          One anectdotal story hardly makes for a decisive argument, I know, but from my experience, the only way out is to capture the minds of the children, before they are conditioned.
          If value is weighed by rarity, then the value of rarity is inversely proportional to the quantity.
          2/1 + 1/2 original value
          3/1 = 1/3 original value
          4/1 supply = 1/4 original value
          In currency terms:- 1 $trillion/1= 1/trillionth of the first dollar’s purchasing power. When you consider this with regard to locking up your savings, such as the parents of the Zimbabwean chap,; when the PTB decide to print away the nation’s debt, there goes your labour. Down the very same drain.

          • Jerry

            That Zimbabwean that said his parents went from affluent to pauper in a matter of days because of hyper-inflation was exaggerating (lying). There is no way that happened. It took considerably longer than just a few days to go from being affluent to pauper because of hyperinflation in Zimbabwe. More like months if not years.


            This is how it is with all cases of severe hyperinflation. It is a process that takes months to sometimes years to go from normal or a high rate of inflation to severe hyperinflation. Bill Holter should know better than to believe that Zimbabwean.

            • Sergio of the Jungle

              I’m sure he was figuratively speaking but you have to concede that the outcome was the same.

              • Jerry

                “I’m sure he was figuratively speaking”

                It sure does not sound like it to me. Bill Holter even later on stressed how important those comments were (even if were not completely true). I read what was actually said the other day and here it is a copy of it.


                At any rate it was obviously not completely true. That is not how it happened. Of course it helps support wild Bill Holter’s scenario so of course he is going to want everyone to believe that it can happen that fast just like it did in Zimbabwe, which it really did not.

                • Sergio of the Jungle.

                  So he took a little licence with the facts. Now you’re just being pedantic. The outcome for his parents was bankruptcy. How fast it happened is irrelevant to them, so what’s your point, that you are correct? No worries then, you win, your’re correct it took more than two days. That should make it all the more palatable for you as it happens to you.

                • Jerry


                  I guess you believe that a little fear mongering is Ok. I do not. Fear mongers always exaggerate how bad some things are going to be or how fast it could happen. But you are correct to agree that I am right and I thank you. Oh and it will not happen to me since severe hyperinflation, like what happened in Zimbabwe, is unlikely to happen in the U.S. for some time. More likely is very high inflation. That always comes first and we do not even have that yet.

                • Sergio of the Jungle.

                  I suppose, using the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ double seasonally adjusted GDP figures and the BLS’ reliable CPI Inflation rate, you’re right again. Silly me, doubting those who are only here to help.

        • peter

          A lot of words, but I don’t see either you or Sean speaking of the specific groups and their specific agendas, a bit like Alex Jones how he says it the “globalists” and the “elites”, you guys use the term “banksters”.

          You guys don’t talk about the Israel lobby that controls all govts, which is an incredibly powerful tool of the globalists, and how they work hand in hand with the media, politics etc. Obviously there’s many compartmentalised groups working for NWO crowd, but at least expose the obvious ones, where there is clear evidence, regardless of the fact that they are a faction of Jews. It seems the holocaust brainwashing has done a great job in creating an atmosphere where people are too scared to speak out and confront the facts regarding the jew faction and how it works against humanities best interest, even their own.

          Can you guys show me one SGT article that addresses the Israel lobby, the lobby that controls all policies and actions of the US govt and other govts? I think the anti-semitic brainwashing has worked unbelievably well, it’s one of the most important subjects in addressing the NWO agenda and they just roll on without any attention, and you guys say this is alternate media??

          The Israel lobby is incredibly powerful, don’t allow the holocaust lies and nazi nonsense cloud your judgement and take your eyes off the elephant in the room. The nazis worked hand in hand with the zionists in creating Israel, even the Red Cross said only 296,000 died in the prisoner of war camps, not 6,000,000, and most were catholic. The media has brainwashed people into believing lies regarding the holocaust and now anyone that exposes or considers exposing the Jew faction that is one of the main NWO instruments, is deemed anti-semitic.

          here’s some evidence for you regarding the Israel lobby, they are the ones actually pulling the strings on behalf of the bankers, EXPOSE THEM FOR IT –

          “Red Ice Radio – Jeff Gates – How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public”

          Dispatches – Inside Britain’s Israel Lobby (documentary)

          “Every single candidate now of the Republican Party is a total pawn of the Israel lobby. It’s a bad news for America,”

          “former Georgia Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney revealed what amounts to some pretty startling news regarding the extent of the Israeli lobby’s influence over Congress.

          During her years in Congress, she stated, candidates for both the House and the Senate were requested to sign pledges of support for Israel, documents in which the candidate promised to vote to provide consistent levels of economic aid to the Zionist state. Refusal to sign the pledge meant no funding for the candidate’s campaign.”

          “Introduction to the Israel Lobby
          The Israel lobby is one of the most powerful and pervasive special interest groups in the United States. It consists of a multitude of powerful institutions and individuals that work to influence Congress, the president, academia, the media, religious institutions, and American public opinion on behalf of Israel.”

          “Last March in Las Vegas Adelson organized his own private Republican primary. Politico wrote at the time: “Adelson summoned [Jeb] Bush and Govs. Chris Christie of New Jersey, John Kasich of Ohio and Scott Walker of Wisconsin to Las Vegas. … The new big-money political landscape — in which a handful of donors can dramatically alter a campaign with just a check or two.” When Christie, in his speech before Adelson, described the West Bank as “occupied territories,” some Republican Jews in the audience were appalled. So, Politico reported, Christie hastily arranged a meeting with Adelson to explain that he had misspoken and that he was a true friend of Israel. “The New Jersey governor apologized in a private meeting in the casino mogul’s Venetian office shortly afterward,” Politico reported. It said Adelson “accepted” Christie’s “explanation” and “quick apology.”

          When money in politics gets this big, when it can make elected officials bow and scrape in two different countries at the same time, it is troubling. I’m sure Adelson cares deeply about Israel, but he lacks any sense of limits in how he exercises his extraordinary financial power — power he is using to simultaneously push Israel and America toward eliminating any two-state solution between Israelis and Palestinians, toward defunding the Palestinian Authority and toward a confrontation with Iran, not a diplomatic solution. People need to know this.”

          • SGT

            Hey Pete, when you bite THIS dog, it bites back. What’s hilarious about people like you is that you don’t even do BASIC research before posting your biased, unfounded venom.

            You actually had the nerve to take the time to write THIS in your juvenile comment: Can you guys show me one SGT article that addresses the Israel lobby, the lobby that controls all policies and actions of the US govt and other govts? I think the anti-semitic brainwashing has worked unbelievably well, it’s one of the most important subjects in addressing the NWO agenda and they just roll on without any attention, and you guys say this is alternate media??

            The FIRST link you posted, we posted, IN MARCH.

            We know your kind Pete, we’ve seen comments like yours countless times before and likely will many times again. People like you sound like a broken record that keeps skipping. Got it. Thanks. You are so enlightened. Now, perhaps you’d consider the bigger picture, because there is one. And it revolves around Satanic secret societies who are more than happy to pit the world’s three major religions against each other in an endless masochistic dance of endless, unspeakable horrors.

            But just for you, so you might stop shitting in my living room:

            Red Ice Radio: How the Israel Lobby Took Control of U.S. Foreign Policy and Public — Jeff Gates

            Israel Is A Discredit To America

            The Israeli Lobby, Once Again

            Pro-Israeli Lobby in Washington Ensures America Does Israel’s Bidding

            The list goes on and on. You might want to take your self righteous head out of your ass and Google ‘SGT Report and Israeli lobby” for yourself. Then, grow up.


            • peter

              Sean, you’re the one that claims you’re the alternate to the mockingbird media, not me. If you posted Jeff Gates red-ice link, great, you should address the enormous impact of the Israel lobby more and I hope you do. You perhaps should calm down a bit and not get so upset, you’re response seems a bit childish. Learn how to handle criticism if you want a public profile.

              I have seen others mention the jew faction problem here and you’ve responded that know some nice jews, wtf?!?

              Perhaps you’ll give the Israel lobby the attention it deserves now, we’ll see.

              • Eric

                Peter, we’ve been here exposing exactly that for 4 years now. I’m not sure how long you have been here but the guys here do a bang up job exposing and posting stuff from all over.

                If you think something requires more attention, perhaps you should start your own site, blog, book, etc?

            • peter

              Is there one interview where u mention the Israel Lobby, or do you only talk of ‘elites’, ‘globalists’ and ‘banksters’? educate your audience Sean, don’t be scared to talk about who controls your govt policies and actions, expose them!

              and have a great day!!

              • Gnostic


                Most here are educated on the Jewish Question,

                Knowing is not enough, Are you avoiding products with the Kosher Tax (Circle U & K) are you boycotting Israeli products Are you handing out literature on the USS LIBERTY? Just to name a few.

                • Eric

                  We have been so chemically dumbed down, I don’t know if enough Americans are capable of waking up to this.

                  US trade bills seek to halt boycotts of Israel


                • Gnostic

                  No problem if you want to boycott the Vatican or Jesuits…

                  “If you want to know who rules over you just ask who you cannot boycott”


                • peter

                  Gnostic, my point in my initial comment is that most ‘alternate’ media never exposes the Israel lobby and what they are doing to control governments. They would have to be the most powerful weapon in the NWO arsenal, they influence govts to fight wars, change legislation, and they choose who represents people. I think it’s fair to say that they get very very little attention, and it’s mostly because of the ‘anti-semitic’ brainwashing that people are indoctrinated with since childhood.

                  I’m sick of hearing people in the alternate media promoting themselves as the one stop shop for the truth, when they never would even mention the Israel lobby. Yes, Sean has linked to some articles, but how many out of all that he puts up, 2% ? Probably about proportionate to how many jews there are in the USA (2%), but definitely not proportionate to what power they yield and definitely not enough exposure for the evil agenda they represent.

                  I know it’s a satanic agenda, so do most, but most can’t fathom how they operate, at least the Israel lobby is a very clear and easy to understand method they use, and as I said above, it’s probably their most powerful tool, after having the power to print money from thin air.

                  And thanks for the info on etc, I”ll do what I can. And no I don’t hand out literature on the USS Liberty, but I’m well aware of it and I take any opportunity I can to educate others about it. It’s a great example of the Israel Lobby at work, they controlled the US govt whilst destroying one of their warships, what better example do we need of their evil agenda?

                  I should have researched this website better before I made the comment above, as it’s not exactly correct, so I apologise for saying there is nothing on this website about the Israel lobby. But I’ll stand by my opinion that Sean and others never talk about it in their own personal articles or interviews, it’s a no go zone. It needs exposure far more than it is getting, and we already have co-intelpro Jones not exposing them and only referring to “globalists” and “elitists”, we need the real alternate media to not follow that example.

                  And I definitely am against Sean posting infowars articles here, he should not promote Jones. Sean has said before that they have good interviewers and good articles, but the fact is, Jones is working for the other side. That’s another issue he should educate his listeners and website viewers on, not promote the “controlled opposition”, expose them for what they are.

                  I hope that is some food for thought, maybe I’ll get another tongue lashing for shitting in Sean’s lounge room. That’s okay, I hope that it stirs the pot in a good way and leads to more people being awakened to the root of the issue, we’ll need all hands on deck soon.

                • Gnostic


                  I don’t disagree with you, It does seem you have figured it out & are in the anger phase of your awakening. Please understand the mind control is deep rooted in the minds of most sheeple, Through Hollywood, TV, Music, Comic Books, Education, hate crime laws, etc. When you really think about it, most “self censor” themselves. The whole Judeo-Christian meme is a big part of the programming.

                  PS- SGT has come a long way & has done more than I or you could ever do based on his great forum, If he is too hardcore it will turn-off newbies, Don’t be upset or frustrated with others, there are different degrees of understanding this issue.

                  “A Lie can travel around he world 3X before the Truth puts it’s shoes on” Be patient, Historically, these people always over step their bounds & will be exposed & they know it.

                • Timco

                  I want to respond to Eric’s comment “We have been so chemically dumbed down, I don’t know if enough Americans are capable of waking up to this.”
                  This is the sickening truth. I removed all forms of fluoride from my sons 2 years ago, including tooth paste, water, vitamins etc. It caused a huge fight in my family, but I held fast. Within 1 week I saw an astonishing improvement in their behavior, sleeping habits, attention level and every other facet of their personality. I would cut the balls off the people who have done this to us, if I could. Get fluoride OUT of your life asap.

          • rl

            The mans got a point and everyone does the dance. The spell of the no-no is all but set in. All over now the claim in plain english is that ‘everyone says its the banks, the jews, the jesuits, the societies, the satanists or some other group’ with the missive that its just a bunch of different people doing dasterdly deeds. Sickos, phsychos, and greedy pricks. No single entity could hold all the strings or could really be capable of such domination. A grand master that is found at the end of the trail in zion wont do because the gig is up and time to focus is at hand and to stare the enemy squarely in the face isnt going over so well because maybe he does have it all pretty much by the gnads. The king has no clothes and sweet diversion prevails for the see no evil speak no evil sanctioned tribe that is all to real. As looking away and giving the poor critters a pass is an ingrained and sanctioned must; the never ending spell.

            It is as simple as Erics article points out. IF you want to know who control and rules you find out who you cannot criticise, and who you cannot speak about. And maybe who has made just that so by any and all means necessary through recent history as a once civilized world was all to aware of who and what was nothing more than a den of vipers before they pulled it off lock stock and barrel. Voltaire knew this and said it way back when. And the antidote is as all things in the eye of the beholder. The reference to Jones is a fact of the matter and when schills and the like are proffered up one has the option to play or not. Fair dues…

            Sheep get the stink eye for the morons they are as people with a clue search out what is here in hopes of some sanity and direction and get all of the dope from truth to lies, nonsense to fact, and shills with misdirection all in one place. And then expect a sanctuary of fact and reason to be found when the headlines up and down the screen endlessly point out that all is fair game and fodder. And peters ire is all part of the deal once the rest of the bullshit is swept away as well as understandable, because beating ones head against the wall does bring some pain.
            While SGT graciously and diligently provides a service that is second to none with good people to be found across the board.

            Grow up? Otay. Pots and kettles and all that.
            Or maybe find a way to take what is needed and leave the rest while showing some respect for another man and his gallant efforts and insights that are freely given, always with the best of intentions real human like.
            And the truth has always been the truth and not x, y, or z regardless of the pile of shite it is buried under, or who sees otherwise as your intended demise approaches.
            “All hands on deck” well said my friend.

        • Rusticus

          Not sure if it was your intent to contain the bulk of your “long, unbroken, chain of documentable historical facts” in a single paragraph as a form of stylistic prose, tbut it certainly worked to that effect 😉

  • anon

    I remember watching this film in a THEATRE, when it first came out (2006) – probably the most well-spent money I ever spent in any theatre:

    America Freedom to Fascism – Aaron Russo // Full Video Documentary

    • glitter 1

      Yes Anon,but the follow up needs to viewed as well:

      • anon

        +1 (glitter1 – Yet another of the awakened regulars, here on SGT Report! 🙂

      • glitter 1

        Here’s where it is all heading a Nutshell:

        • glitter 1

          There is no longer accountability or “rule of law” because America has the “Best Government That Money Can Buy”.

          The Generational Conspirators,after many numerous decades of slowly but surely maneuvering,engineering,electing,placing,black mailing,killing,paying off/bribing,lying,deceiving,overtaking,capturing,have their agents firmly in place at all levels of Power,Influence and Control.

          There is a code in The Illuminati,which is called “A RUDE” and this is how it goes:
          “Let The Kings Be Kings,The Bankers Be Bankers and The Priests Be Priests”
          (The Illuminati Triad Of Power)

          You can look up this term,but I doubt you will find/locate it without serious digging in the right sources.

          Yes,there is no Accountability or Rule Of Law any longer within our institutions because The Conspirators are now in full control and are implementing their Generational Plan(s).The Conspiracy is no longer Hidden/Covert,it is Hidden In Plain Sight right out in the open.

          William Cooper – “Their Plan Is For A One World Socialist Totalitarian Dictatorship”

          Aldous Huxley –
          “A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude.”

          This is the realization we are witness to.All these events are merely the Daily Machinations towards the fruition/final outcome coming into view.Resistance will be eliminated!

  • knowtoomuch

    Dear Marco, the Fed was founded in 1913 by eight families. Two of them were of (sefardic) jewish origin, the other six of them where from khazarian (=ashkeNAZI)descent.

    Both types of “jews” constituated 1.2% of the US population at that time.

    But let’s make it 2%, largely in their favor.

    The mathematical probability that eight “units” occupied ALL of the eight “positions” from a group that constituated 1 out of every 50 persons, is therefor 1/50th to the 8th power. Very simple.

    Otherwise said, the mathematical probability is 1 on 2.56 to the 14th power.


    Zoveel ERWTJES passen er niet eens in de A’dam Arena, beste Marco !

    Dus noem ‘t beestje nou maar gewoon bij z’n naam aub

    Heheh …

    • Well thank you for pointing that out… My main aim is to get people to research these things for themselves. I agree that there must be a ‘master plan’ behind all of this, but I am also aware of the inclination of many people to reject a view once it has a feel of ‘conspiracy thinking’ to it. I am therefore careful with that.

      -> Bedankt voor je bijdrage aan de discussie. Lukt het je om mensen om je heen hierover te informeren? Wordt dat geaccepteerd?

      • Jerry


        I agree with what you said. When trying to tell people the truth it is best to keep debatable conspiracy theories out of it and just deal with facts that they can check for themselves.

  • knowtoomuch

    .. and I didn’t even take the REAL percentage (1,2%) in consideration …

    Want dan wil je niet weten wat voor getal daar uitkomt 😉

  • knowtoomuch

    So GUESS what the TRUE origin of the socalled “New World Order” is …

    You indoctrinated & blindfolded bitchez …

  • knowtoomuch

    … so never mind the FACTS …

    So just keep on dreamin’

    But your children will pay the (ever lasting) price.

    Being enslaved or killed.

    The Ultimate (kosher) Price.

    At least I did what I could.

    … you no-brainerz …

  • knowtoomuch

    You can come in, Jacob-boy.

    Looking forward to it, to be honest !


      Well said. And 100% accurate.

      The Fascist-obsessive clown CANNOT tell the difference betweeen economic/political ideologies. Usury is Jewish. Fascism is anti-usury.

      Russo was a Jew who had friends in high places. What was he going to call it? ‘Freedom to Judaism.’

      Judaism is Zionism. Zionism and Bolshevism are the fulfillment of Talmudic Messianism.

      This ignoramus needs to read the Protocols of Zion. Atheistic Communism is the aim of the Jew World Order. Jews hate Christians. Always have, always will.

      This shabbos goy plays right into the Talmudic Jews hands.

      Every time I hear him spout ‘Fascist’ I know which side the moron is on.

      Note how his banal guests always agree with his skewed views.

      You want Jew ‘Mockingbird Media?’

      You’ve come to the right place.

      • I am aware of what you’re pointing out. I am actually researching this area right now and maybe you’re way ahead. I haven’t drawn any definitive conclusions in that area yet.
        But here’s the point: everybody must start somewhere and I think your point also leads to large parts of the population rejecting your thesis off hand.
        I am looking for the path of least resistance to nudge people toward becoming curious and wanting to take a critical stance. We must try to REACH people.

        I am open to checking out your sources, so please enlighten me 🙂

      • Gnostic



  • knowtoomuch

    ■ Wesley Clarke announces (oct 2001) that 7 countries will be invaded by U.S. :

    ■ UK Foreign Secretary Robin Cook ( found dead ) : “There is NO ‘Al Qaeda’ ; it’s ALL a creation of the CIA :

  • knowtoomuch

    ■ ‘The Jew World Order is upon us’, a SPLENDID article :
    The original link which sometimes is off line :

    ■ “Behind Communism” , Frank L. Britton, pdf 106 p :

    ■ The (Jewish) Holodomor in Russia :

    ■ SUPER-documentaire van Juri Lina ; “In the shadow of Hermes”. Tot en met 4min48 overslaan aub ; daarna wordt het 2 uur lang ‘genieten’ …
    & Jew Intro van Juri Lina (6 min) :

    ■ Communist jew Yagoda : responsible for the dead of 10 million during the Russian Holodomor (docu, 14 min) :

    ■ East Europe and former USSR ( tientallen sub-onderwerpen / links ! ) :

    ■ “Jewish killers massacre 66 million in Gulag Camps”, by Texe Marrs :

  • Maxx

    There is only one way out – learn the difference between Public and Private.

  • Praxis

    Sean, Mr. Janssen was phenomenal. Zero beating bushes, a straight shooter.

    Remedy to the problem. Real simple.
    Don’t play into their game. Find any possible way out of it. There are many and in all honesty they aren’t hard. It just takes a little getting accustomed to while we’re all caught up in our digital “paradise”. Hah!

  • Good interview. Thank you.

    Here’s an interesting take from Ken at who sees a distinct possibility that the TPP is being leaked on purpose, and then opposed on purpose by people like Rand Paul who are likely to be the next chosen ones for U.S. “leadership.” He’ll be the next “savior” just like how they presented Obama, with just a different political perspective. And people will believe this shit. Again. Fool me 33 times, shame on me.

    The globalists are covertly attacking their own secret trade deals. Why?

    . . . I suspect the globalists are using a bad cop, good cop approach to getting their multilateral trade agreements passed. They are putting forth outrageous proposals in the TPP/TTIP and having their media publicize them and their controlled opposition leaders (COLs) oppose them. This allows the COLs to grandstand and build their credibility with the public (like Rand Paul just did in getting the Patriot Act rebranded).

    After the controlled opposition “heroes” stop or roll back the bad elements of the deals, they will put forth “good” trade deals which give the globalists everything they’re genuinely seeking. It all boils down to Negotiation 101: you overreach in your first proposal, then give away the overreach as you negotiate your way to what you really wanted. . . .

    • AgShaman

      Basically, it’s another variant of the Delphi Technique they’ve been using for sometime now at Town Hall meetings for various things like Common Core.

      Give the illusion that you are an important voice within the collective. Allow the voices and opinions to be heard en masse, but in the end….the preferred “solution” is already agreed upon behind closed doors.

      Convince Marco Janssen, and people like him….to refuse to accept criminal solutions brought by criminal syndicates via criminal govts.

      Good podcast…..but that aint my 18 trillion debt. That 18 tril in debt belongs to slaves that are fine with being lorded over by criminals

  • Gnostic

    I am humbled by the great comments here,

    Keep exposing THE JUDEO-MASONIC WORLD ORDER or risk you & your children becoming one of the 2800 gentile slaves promised to in the Talmud or worse dead.

  • rl

    anon da man!
    We will get all of the above.
    A crash, an enemy, a savior, his war, and depopulation in it 100s of forms accelerated courtesy of the bank, pharma, hollywood, the capitol hill cabal and all their uniforms with all the tards and entitled sickos welcoming every stitch of it for us. The carrot never leaves the stick and there is always to much to loose… and so it goes.
    Same as it ever was until people grow up to face the truth of the matter and the rest shucking the ways of adolescence instilled in them and locked onto them from birth that control their lives for mr big.
    Mr big owns the lot and your masters that turn to zion for guidance, and you get his chains. Serfdom across the board and nothing less as we get gamed from the right the left and most things in between.
    Fancy words and rebranding do the trick of newspeak for way off the mark mind benders and time wasters.
    Adherence to the con all we know from sun-day kneeling to walking your check to the mail box for the irs one day a year. With everyday the same all be it with a different display of ownership at the ready.
    And the facts are there, still.

    It not fun to see, easy to look at, harder still to face, and belief shattering all to often to accept.
    To dig deep enough to the realization that 99% of eeeeeeeverting you have EVER been told is a lie, and therefore makes most of what you are being told just another derivative of it to be thrown on the pile from those who would and do rule you is ultimate bitch. And all the bs on the way can set one to spinning in place, as designed, making it all but undoable in most cases. Much easier to settle for what has been offered along the path and suits the need(s) at hand.
    And until the ropes come out to have a cronie or two swinging from them they have nothing to worry about…

    Another good one Sean, thanks.

  • Gnostic

    Iceland Recovering Fastest in Europe After Jailing Bankers Instead of Bailing them Out

  • long John silver

    Here in Canada we lost free speech, I had met Ernst zundel back when I was a teenager, 30 years later his niece was one of my employees, her dad had all the proof documenting the exaggerated numbers in the so called death camps. I wasn’t there to witness it, but the pictures do question the story we’ve been told.

  • Timco

    Yes we’re all being used. Now that we all know how the world really works, practice your God given gift of free will. Stop going into debt for vacations, mc-mansions and stupid stuff you don’t need. Stop being used and sucked into the machine..(as much as possible)

  • lastmanstanding

    Another great interview sgt…I can scarcely comment on anything anymore, what I want to say takes to much time. Not to mention that what I have to say is no news to the regulars.

    I spend that time in my garden, orchard and improving my property for whatever is coming.

    “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

    • anon

      lastmanstanding – you are doing the right thing, by improving your property and becoming more self-reliant, because, at bottom – at the FOUNDATION of our problems is the ever-increasing ODIOUS TAX BURDEN & ODIOUS “NATIONAL” “DEBT”-BURDEN that is being DUMPED on all of us, by those behind the so-called “Federal” “Reserve” (JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, etc.), to basically subsidize their corporations (through bailouts and bail-ins!) and thereby protect their private wealth, by shielding themselves from any corporate losses, which just get passed along to the U.S. taxpayers! Their CONTROL over the U.S. currency (the U.S. fiat “money” supply) is what gives them CONTROL over the U.S. Government and all of its policies, especially through their two most significant organizations: AIPAC and the Council on Foreign Relations. Anyway, the more each of us can do, to become more food-independent, and more energy-independent (such as, for example, either completely ditching the automobile or cutting way back on it’s use – just imagine the amount of fiat “money” anyone would save without buying a car – no car payments, no tax/title/license, no car insurance needed, no buying gas every so many miles, no expensive car maintenance costs, etc. Anyone who lives close enough to their work should just consider RIDING A BICYCLE!

      Of course, a STRONG AMERICA requires STRONG AMERICANS! And how do Americans become stronger, but by becoming more self-reliant? (And the STRENGTH of Family is important as well, which is precisely why the “Illuminati” (.001%) AND the “Communists” have the same goal of totally undermining the family)

      Anyone (new to SGT Report) interested in finding more ideas on SOLUTIONS to the problems we are facing should just use the startpage search engine, and type in “25 Ways To Declare Your Independence 50 Ways To Starve The Beast Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves Americans Can’t Afford The Future 89 Tips”, and just find these articles, which, along with their “comments” sections, have LOTS OF TIPS/SOLUTIONS that anyone can put to use, to become more self-reliant, and to simplify and de-stress their lives.

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