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David Wilcock: Secret Space Program Revealed

from The Victory Report:

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3 comments to David Wilcock: Secret Space Program Revealed

  • glitter 1

    David Wilcox – Theosophist David Wilcox in secret communications with his incognito Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters proclaiming/hailing the soon coming Great And Wonderful New Golden Age of Peace,Love and Unleashed Human Achievement.Even Jesus was a true Theosophist,he just didn’t reveal that fact to the stupid/ignorant/uninitiated.You can read all about it in “The Secret Doctrine” by Helena Blavatsky,Adolf Hitler’s favorite book for daily living.
    David Wilcox has bought into “The Lie” and he has secured his position/spot in the coming “Great Deception”.

  • Hal

    secret space program r

  • Hal

    secret space program revealed or exposed for being a nonsense hoax?? Place your bets

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