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Costco Decides to Sell Controversial GM Salmon

by Christina Sarich, Natural Society:

As major supermarkets like Safeway, Target, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s refuse GM salmon, the mega store Costco is planning on selling the genetically modified fish to its customers while attempting to dress itself as a big organic seller.

This is odd, since Costco has just announced that it will become one of the largest sellers of organic products in the US, and also since Costco customers recently rallied in Seattle to deliver more than 50,000 signatures asking the company not to sell GM salmon.

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3 comments to Costco Decides to Sell Controversial GM Salmon

  • f16hoser

    Wall Mart started-out promising “Made In America”
    We all know how that turned-out…

  • Ed_B

    Costco has a long and good rep for providing great products at reasonable prices. I don’t understand why they would screw this up in order to sell some GMO fish. It makes little to no sense.

    That said, I also do not understand why everyone who sells non-GMO products does not so label them. That would CLEARLY distinguish their natural products from the unnatural ones. There is no need for GMO products to be so labeled if those that are not GMO are so labeled.

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