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Conditions for Combining Survival Groups Under Extraordinary Circumstances

from Survival Blog:

How much of the land floods? i.e. During past tropical storms, how much of the land was under water?

Again, this is ***(a southern state)***. Yes, the land gets wet when heavy rains come. All campsites and camper parking areas must be able to be elevated by the owners. The harder the rains, the worse the situation would be. In fact, a very good chore would be scouting and foraging for lumber and then constructing suitable platforms for tents. There is nothing different here than at any scouting campground or other public campsite. The land is protected by a wide marsh on the west with a single narrow track through it to the main gate, which has a natural defensive barrier. There is deep ditching on the north to handle the runoff, some lesser ditching on the south, and the same on the east. There are several ponds, and a belt of woods that pretty much surrounds the entire western half of the site. All of these land features extract water in one way or the other from the central area, but this part of the country is wet. I highly recommend a higher wheel base on any vehicle taken onto the site. I’ve driven out there through two or three feet deep mud holes. My truck is not 4-wheel drive, but I know the roads and where to expect the problem points. A low wheel base would not make it during wet times. Again, what you may cry dismay at, is a plus for the community in regards to security; it’s the harshness of access.

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