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Climate Change

from Paul Craig Roberts:

Climate change is a controversy. What appear to be independent scientists say that the climate is warming due to greenhouse gases produced by human activity. This warming, apparently measurable, has many impacts on sea levels, and on plant, animal, sea, and bird life, as well as food supply for a heavily populated earth.

Readers, accustomed to me telling them the truth about issues on which I am competent, ask me about the climate problem. Is it real or not?

As far as I can tell the polluting corporations have sufficient think tanks and research institutes to neutralize the independent scientists. If one is not a climate expert, which I am not, one doesn’t really know. However, I have learned in my many years that an independent voice is far more reliable than a paid voice.

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2 comments to Climate Change

  • Fred Hayek

    It’s kind of bizarre that PCR, who has the game figured out in so many other arenas, is so far off in this one.

    Paul! The government paid scientists are NOT independent. Read the so called Climate Gate emails. Those guys come off like a bunch of hacks who will try to steer the data to their preferred outcome in every instance.

    And read Montford’s book The Hockey Stick Illusion. Tell me if you think Big Brother’s paid scientists are independent after reading that.

  • Jamie

    I agree with Fred 100%. PGR has got this whole climate change issue completely backwards. This gives me pause in other things he has to say. I do not believe he is that stupid. Has he sold out? Has he been an insider the whole time nudging us (the awakened ones) one way or another? It’s nearly impossible to trust anybody any more!

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