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Barbaric Practice of Vaccination is Modern-Day Version of Bloodletting

by Ethan A. Huff, Natural News:

Throughout history, there have been plenty of examples of quack medicine that after being accepted and institutionalized for a time was later exposed as a fraud. A perfect example of this is the heinous practice of bloodletting, one of the longest running traditions in medicine that was initially founded upon the belief that pain and sickness are caused by having too much blood inside the body.

As silly as this sounds, doctors of old would literally drain the blood of their patients in the hope that doing so would cure them of everything from headaches and back pain to melancholy and depression. Nobody questioned this because medical doctors and public health authorities said it was safe and effective, so the people believed them.

It wasn’t until a few brave individuals came forward and questioned the safety and effectiveness of bloodletting, which at one point in time was considered “science-based medicine” in the same way as modern-day vaccines, that the practice was eventually exposed as pseudoscientific barbarism. But it took challenging the status quo when nobody else would to reveal this truth.

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