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Are the Iranian Nuclear Negotiations Breaking Down

by James Corbett, The International Forecaster:

As Alfred Adask pointed out in our weekly conversation on “Financial Survival” this week, the non-stop round-the-clock coverage of the Greek crisis in the news media the past few weeks has effectively obscured some other pressing issues from gaining much attention.

One of those issues is the possible meltdown of the framework agreement on the Iranian nuclear program that was reached in April and announced with much fanfare, ballyhoo and fear porn.

Wait, Iran has a nuclear program?
Well hopefully you knew about this already, but in case you didn’t: yes, the Iranians have a nuclear program. Any guesses where it came from? That’s right, the United States! Back in 1957 the US signed an atomic cooperation agreement with Iran as part of their “Atoms for Peace” program, which was an international psychological operation program to destroy the taboo against the use of nuclear weapons by familiarizing the world with nuclear technology. Ten years later Tehran opened its nuclear research center featuring a 5 Megawatt nuclear research reactor supplied by (you guessed it) Uncle Sam.

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