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America Is Sleepwalking Towards Tyranny

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

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2 comments to America Is Sleepwalking Towards Tyranny

  • Eric

    Got a bunch of older buddies calling me lately inquiring about my “income,” wondering how I do it. As if my “income” is any of their business.

    Buddy: “Do you just live a super frugal lifestyle?”
    Me: “Yes. Of course! I don’t take vacations. I don’t buy Starbucks everyday and I don’t buy jet skis. I don’t buy anything that isn’t directly related to my survival or comfort”

    Sleepwalking towards tyranny. Yep. That’s a good analogy.

  • Timco

    Good point Eric. I see so many guys driving a new $30K pick up truck, wearing a $100.00 nascar coat with someone’s else’s name on it(WTF?, really, is your male ego that frail?), and drinking Budweiser @ $2.00 a can in a sports bar. Totally clueless that the money they waste could be helping their family.

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