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People’s Power Defends Detroit Homeowners

by Patrick Sheehan, OCCUPY:

“I just want to say thank you for joining us in the fight for our lives.”

Antoinette Talley stands on a makeshift podium in the common area of a gray stone church on Detroit’s east side. The room’s walls are a dark, varnished wood. Fluorescent lighting illuminates an imposingly large wood-framed image of The Last Supper over the door.

If it weren’t for the plastic over the windows, Talley’s generous smile, and body heat – there are at least sixty people in attendance – the room would be as cold as Detroit’s battered streets.

As she addresses the audience, Talley is flanked by several of her neighbors, each of them recent homeowners in the new Gratiot-McDougall housing development just a few blocks north of the church. She and her neighbors have been fighting a dubious eviction notice from the project’s developer for months now. Today they are guests of honor at a fundraiser held on their behalf by the activist organization Detroit Eviction Defense.

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