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William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

from the late William Cooper, Educate-Yourself

If you listen to this 2 hour and 38 minute lecture by Bill Cooper, you will have the deepest understanding possible of the New World Order takeover agenda and the planned dissolution of all sovereign nations under a one world government. This information is sobering because Bill’s description of how the takeover is being carried out, will match perfectly with what you have observed in our recent and current history, even though Bill spoke these words in 1998, sixteen years ago. While the future appears bleak, please realize that our moment to moment reality is shaped by the sum of our collective thoughts. Thoughts create reality, although many people find that nearly impossible to believe. If you allow fear and doom to dominate your expectations, then fear and doom will ensue.

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3 comments to William Cooper’s Chilling NWO Revelations

  • glitter 1

    Yes indeed,William Cooper is/was certainly one of the first Patriots blowing the whistle on Their Planned NWO and how they operate.He spells it all out and you can definitely learn from his teaching/orations,but you have to commit/invest the time if you want to learn.His book:”Behold A Pale Horse” goes into detail,but his 40+ recorded 1 hour radio broadcasts are a true treasury trove of revealed information about the secret societies/organizations that are subverting the World.You have to invest the time in order to gain understanding and insight,there is no other way.

    Here is an addition to his “Hour Of The Time” series:Mystery Babylon hour 1 of 40+

    Upon completion you will understand who is controlling The World behind the scenes and how.It won’t be a mystery any longer.He was murdered for revealing this information.

  • Willie

    Bill Cooper was a brave man.

  • Paul Prichard

    28m “This conspiracy, ladies and gentlemen, is also extremely racist. These people consider blacks, Hispanics and aboriginal people to be ‘useless eaters’.”
    What sick puppies these New World Order people are ?

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