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Why is an Illuminati Pyramid Atop Israel’s Supreme Court Building?

[Ed. Note: This building was built and donated by the Rothschilds.]

from TheScariestMovieEver:

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7 comments to Why is an Illuminati Pyramid Atop Israel’s Supreme Court Building?

  • Hi Sean,

    Yep. This is bad. The interesting thing is that it took until 1992 for the Illuminati to gain such a foothold in Israel.

    You don’t see Illuminati symbols anywhere else in Israel. It took Freemasons until the mid 1950s to even get a ‘grand lodge’ there.

    Israel is NOT an Illuminati country. If they were, you would see their symbols EVERYWHERE. But, you don’t.

    The fact that Israel was gullible enough to let the Rothschilds build that monstrosity… well …it tells you nothing, other than the fact that they are gullible.

    The only real problem that I have with the video is that the narrator is anti-church. That’s not good. If we forsake the assembly of believers, we are in serious trouble:

    Please examine your heart, Sean. Hatred of the Jews is a sin. Hatred of ANY group – Arab, Jew, European, Chinese, African, etc. – is a sin.

    John Little

  • Gnostic

    It’s healthy & normal to HATE those who repress them, Jews invented hate laws to protect themselves for their criminality.

    Christ hated too.

    John 8:44
    REV 2:9, 3:9,
    Luke 19:27

  • I am currently listening to an interview of Admiral James ‘Ace’ Lyons. I then had a thought occur to me. So I did a search of SGTReport. My suspicions were confirmed.

    Sean, you post very, very few articles that say ANYTHING negative of Islam.

    I find that to be very interesting.

    Why are you so willing to excoriate the Jews, but you say almost nothing about how awful Islam is?

    Very interesting. Very, very interesting.

    John Little

  • AgShaman

    Wow. I wonder what they are paying this troll? He seems to love SGT Report…hahha

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