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What the Media Get Very Wrong About ‘Socialism’ — And About Senator Sanders

from Washington’s Blog:

On April 30th, Jonathan Cohn at Huffington Post provided a perfect example of what the media get wrong about the meaning of “socialism” — and about the meaning of the new U.S. Presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

Cohn’s report was aptly titled, “Bernie Sanders Is A Socialist And That’s Not As Crazy As It Sounds”; and, indeed, he started right away with an assumption that socialism is crazy but “not as crazy as it sounds.”

Cohn said that “Socialism, as commonly understood by Americans, means widespread government ownership of business,” but Cohn said that, “that’s not the agenda Sanders has actually been promoting.”

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2 comments to What the Media Get Very Wrong About ‘Socialism’ — And About Senator Sanders

  • Rainmaker

    That was the funniest article I have recently read. Maybe it was satire, who knows. FDR the greatest president of the century, maybe ever. Democratic socialism is way better than communism or fascism. LMAO.

  • rich

    “60 Minutes” Finally Finds PEU Rubenstein

    60 Minutes had plenty of opportunities to tell investigative stories on The Carlyle Group. There are several generations of pension pay to play scandals, sewage sludge bribery to a Congressman’s wife, the implosion of Carlyle Capital Corporation and subsequent investor lawsuits, losing a pipeline firm to billions in bad energy bets, over 150 Carlyle affiliates based in the Cayman Islands, twenty five hospital deaths after Hurricane Katrina, dumping British pensioners and the announced demise of two Carlyle Group mutual fund offerings.

    Rather than self-made billionaire I would refer to Mr. Rubenstein as a tax preferred, government subsidized billionaire. Don’t believe me? Look at how many Carlyle affiliates supply Uncle Sam and the number garnering direct government subsidies. Boston Private received TARP funds while the FDIC granted BankUnited massive amounts of free money.

    CBS News joins CNN, FT, WSJ, NYT and many more in offering puff pieces on a man that has done much to destroy America’s middle class, increase our deficits, utilize offshore tax havens and send management theory back decades in the quality arena.

    Greed is as greed does. That includes smearing makeup on it so it looks like something else. Makeup hides Carlyle’s second quarterly decline in assets under management. Once over $202.7 billion assets under management are now $192.7 billion. That last happened after the 2008 financial crisis. Let’s ignore the underbelly of the PEU beast and enjoy the roaring 2015’s. Bully, bully Mr. Rubenstein!

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