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[Ed. Note: As we have reported here, Bill Gates wants ZERO carbon emissions within the next several decades. Without the introduction of new “clean” energy sources, that means NO ENERGY for you, serf.]

from grindall61:

This is a massive warning. The LA Times is telling us that in order for the state to meet it’s 2050 goals we will have to see Agenda 21 sped by 5 times.

[Ed. Note: Unless they release hidden cold fusion technology or some other form of zero-point energy – and soon, ZERO CO2 MEANS THEY WANT TO ROLL OUR INDUSTRIAL SOCIETY BACK TO PRE-1800 LIVING STANDARDS. ZERO CO2 MEANS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WILL BE LIVING IN EXTREME POVERTY – OR YOU’LL BE DEAD.]

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  • oneno

    The Energy needs of the world can be met easily with the James McCanney Wing Generator Project even after shutting down all Nuclear, Coal, and Oil Power Plants.

    “Climate Change” / “Global Warming” are frauds perpetrated by Big Energy and the Banksters. Get his book “Planet-X Comets & Earth Changes”.

    WIND VS SOLAR power … which is better ??? read my latest eBook “McCanney WING GENERATOR” FOR MORE DETAILS … in the book i provide a simple test that shows that my WING GENERATOR will solve the world energy problems as the ONLY solution … whereas the solar “solution” is really a vast failure in the making … listen to my 04/23/2015 and 05/07/2015 radio shows (posted on the archive sub-page link below center column) for more details … but here is a small fun fact for your memory …

    Taking the earth’s surface as a whole, the energy received during a year aggregates about sixty mile-tons for every square foot. That is to say, the heat annually received on each square foot of the earth’s surface, if employed in a perfect heat engine, would be able to hoist sixty tons to the height of a mile. (this was known in the 1800’s this quote taken from an 1800’s astronomy text book) … sounds impressive … ONLY TROUBLE .. this is max sunlight and only during peak times OF THE DAY … so you have to store the energy in batteries … this is fine for a home or small local grid situation BUT will never work on a national scale TO REPLACE THE CURRENT ENERGY NEEDS NOW PROVIDED BY COAL – NUCLEAR – AND OIL (the big 3) … the big issue is not only COST PER KILOWATT HOUR … but WHO CONTROLS THE VOLTAGE LEVEL … solar cost is coming down but one only has to calculate the output of solar panels (and even multiply by a factor of 2 to be generous for possible future improvements) … so with solar you will always need the local power plants (you have to listen to my april 23, 2015 and may 07, 2015 radio shows) … as more solar installations come on line … the WORSE the situation becomes (unless you plan on piping solar electric energy from the sun side of the earth to the dark side and keep this folly going day and night) … because simply put you cannot replace the central power plant with a solar installation … END OF STORY !!! … (now throw in 2 or 3 family electric cars) so if you always have to maintain that grossly inefficient central power plant … you have gone to GREAT EXPENSE and not solved anything … the relative expense of the central power plant INCREASES not decreases and becomes unwieldy as the fluctuations of solar power provided by the growing number of small solar installations increase AND AT GREAT EXPENSE TO THE PUBLIC … they are paying for electric at full retail prices but selling it back to the grid at sub-wholesale prices after all the expense and fees etc etc etc … SOLAR IS A DISASTER IN THE MAKING … A VERY EXPENSIVE ONE AT THAT … but the world energy mongers love it because the public is spending its entire “alternative energy” budget on a solution that will not work … and will have been “spent out” when real solutions are needed … TOO MANY PEOPLE ASSOCIATE WIND ENERGY WITH THE FAILED 3 BLADE WIND GENERATORS … COMPLETE FAILURES – GOVERNMENT SUBSIDIZED EVEN AFTER THEY STAND IDLE AND nothing in the approved licensing and permits to force the companies to take them down … very expensive eye sores … my WING project is the solution … because it replaces the central power plants nation wide … allows for distributed energy on the grid and prevents the “obama smart grid” which is a centralized disaster which will solidify the energy monopoly in the hands of the energy controllers … more coming pronto on this … jim mccanney

    a quick note on recent research i am doing on “global climate change” … i have established a direct link with LOGGING and climate change … it is not the fairy tale myth that trees provide our oxygen at all … the real issue is that local climates have been drastically affected by deforestation of vast jungles and forests as well as prairie and grass lands … for the greed of the wood barrens and the industrialized nations hunger for wood and paper … one of my 11 earth mega projects is to reforest the earth and force the use of earth building products in the industrialized nations that also replace the canopy of native plants on top of the housing … living with the earth not against it and minimal energy consumption … as opposed to the building codes that force one to build housing with maximum wood use and energy consumption inherent in the bad “approved” designs … a 50 year project that needs to start today … more to come … jim mccanney

  • oneno

    Get James McCanney’s Wing Generator Project book. There is no energy problem and even though zero-point energy solutions would be nice, they are not essential. Solve the energy problem in 10 years even after shuttering Nuclear, Oil, and Coal fired plants.

  • I hear Russia has been testing suppressed cold fusion research with new technologies. I’ve even read about Lockheed Martin filing a new patent to produce mass energy to power up cities via cold fusion. The eco-fascists who are in love with their doom and gloom ‘global warming’ cult still deny this, even though it has reached mainstream news. So yes, technologies have been suppressed by governments and financial elites (banksters) so they can maintain profits and control over the civilians. This is the way fascism works, the US now being a fascist country. Well, like it or not I do believe a country like Russia is going to revolutionize the future – if allowed to without WWIII getting in their way.

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