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Truth — and Passion — At A Premium

by Andrew Hoffman, Miles Franklin:

In recent weeks, I have noted an extremely disturbing trend in the cumulative media consciousness – which in recent articles, I have referred to as “lazy”, “complacent,” and “indifferent” journalism. Perhaps this is why I so passionately railed against Twitter yesterday – which in many ways, is “replacing” journalism as a principal method of information dissemination. Even the mainstream media – whose ratings have been destroyed by the internet irrespective – has lost so much credibility due to such practices – and blatantly political bias, to boot – few are listening anymore. Heck, even the “modern Tom Brokaw,” Brian Williams, has turned out to be a liar. In other words, the days of your parents sitting at the breakfast table, reading the New York Times and discussing the issues affecting our lives is decidedly over – in favor of entire families addicted to social media, gossip, online gaming, and other brain-draining nonsense.

Financially, there’s not a doubt in my mind that the parallel “deformation” of the financial communities’ collective analytical process has been caused by relentless Central bank market intervention – some of it overt, but increasingly more so, covertly. Heck, it seems like a lifetime ago since I stopped looking at technical charts; or, no disrespect to Ted Butler, analyzing fraudulent COMEX data. I mean, this whole ado about JP Morgan’s supposedly surging physical silver inventory makes me want to puke; as honestly, how can anyone in their right mind believe a word they say?

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