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TREES SPLITTING, Black Goo and a Dead Forest

from Christina Beauchamp:

I went to Larch Mountain today and was utterly sickened by the condition of our beloved National forest. Has anyone else noticed the tarry stuff on the trees of the forests? The black goo has a kind of consistency which sticks to whatever touches it. There are no animals, no birds, and much of the plant life has died. I would have done a video on this but my camera battery was near the end of its life so I took photos instead while I could. I would love to know if anyone else has seen this as well. Please circulate my videos; I greatly appreciate it. God Bless.

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5 comments to TREES SPLITTING, Black Goo and a Dead Forest

  • sadia

    It looks like phytophora ramorum.

  • Brian

    This last November there was a rapid freeze in the PDX area. Many of my fruit trees still had green leaves on them. The hadn’t even started to change color. That freeze damaged all the trees in the North and North Central Oregon. I’ve heard but not confirmed yet that many of the cherry trees in Columbia Gorge area died from splitting, something like 1 in 3 trees died. I imagine fir trees could also split from rapid cooling.

  • Ed_B

    Wait! I know. Let’s kill ALL of the humans who infest this pristine environment so that it will be safe for all the animals. Such a deal.


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