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Top Doctors Finally Go Public Over Why Disease is Skyrocketing

by Anthony Gucciardi, Natural Society:

It may ultimately lead to millions around the globe finally overcoming their chronic conditions: top doctors within the medical establishment are finally going public in big ways over what’s really causing disease in our modern society.

What’s more, the media is picking it up like wildfire. The best part? We’ve been telling you about it for years.

The ‘secret’ has to do with your gut, and what’s going on inside it. More specifically, it has to do with what countless bacteria strains are doing in your gut. Like warriors, tiny bacteria wage war around the clock for intestinal dominance, deciding the fate of your immune system’s integrity.

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1 comment to Top Doctors Finally Go Public Over Why Disease is Skyrocketing

  • Eric

    Just had some recent issues right along these lines. Garlic, calcium/magnesium, pineapple (enzymes) and sweating out the toxins, water, colloidal silver, and fasting for 2 days on only fruits and vegetables did the trick.

    I can’t emphasize enough this book is a must have… Prescription for Nutritional Healing.

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