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The Rise of UK Fascism (aka David Cameron)

Ed. Note: PICTURED: King William IV, David Cameron’s 5th great grandfather. Let’s keep the dynastic rule and the fascism in the family, shall we? ~ SGT

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

A number of previous commentaries have noted the rising tide of Western fascism, as reflected almost exclusively through the actions of governing parties. At first; such overt fascism was centered almost exclusively in the U.S.: “the Patriot Act”, “Homeland Security”, “the War on Terror”, etc. Translate those phrases into German, and it would be almost impossible to avoid the compulsion for a Nazi salute, and a hearty “Seig Heil!”

However, this fascism has begun rapidly spreading. Political labels are now totally meaningless. The so-called “Labour Party” of Tony Blair blithely and enthusiastically endorsed virtually all of the extremist, right-wing policies of the Bush regime, in the U.S. When the (explicitly) right-wing government of Nicolas Sarkozy was defeated by the supposedly “Socialist Party” of France; its new leader, Francois Hollande, immediately embraced hard-core, extremist positions which were even ‘to the right’ of Sarkozy himself.

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