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The F#cking Criminal Bankers and Military Industrial Complex….!

by Katherine Frisk, The Phaser:

Have we really come very far in 2,000 years? Looks to me like nothing has changed. The pieces on the chess board have moved slightly, ever so, but basically they are still the same. And the same story line is in play.

Let’s put it all into some perspective. 2,000 years ago we had a dogmatic and corrupt priesthood with a High Temple Priest in the form of Caiaphas. We had a ruling class, a monarchy, the Herodian Kings who killed their own wives and children, were sexually promiscuous, married their own sisters and murdered anyone who was opposed to them. And we had the Legion. The Roman military industrial complex of the time.

What do we have today? We have a dogmatic priesthood with a Papacy that has, over the last 1,000 years, burned millions at the stake, those who refused to bow to their authority. An Inquisition that is still in place and has not been de-constructed. A priesthood finally exposed for child sex abuse that has been endemic for centuries, and Pope Benedict sits in luxury retirement.

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9 comments to The F#cking Criminal Bankers and Military Industrial Complex….!

  • Willie

    You degrade yourself by resorting to profanity in order to make a point…

  • Gnostic

    A superb scholarly work! Thanks for posting.

    PS- One must become familiar with perhaps the greatest legal oration in history

    Oration for L. Flaccus by Marcus Tullius Cicero

    n 59 B.C.E. Cicero delivered a speech in Rome on behalf of his client Flaccus ( Pro Flacco), who was accused of having seized gold contributed by the Jews to …

    The Jews conquered Rome from within stole the Nations treasure & destroyed the Republic, SOUND FAMILIAR? WAKE UP FOLKS!!!!!

    • Eric

      Gnostic, they’re never going to wake up in time. If they don’t get it by now, it might be too late for most.

      The idiots wouldn’t know what a treasure was if they stubbed their toes on it. They’re focused on the digits and not the weights.

      Stack stack stack stack. Stop letting them take it all.

      Most of them are still stupefied zombies. I hope their illusions get shattered quickly. I can’t take much more of this. Either wake up you morons or die.

    • Eric

      Gnostic, don’t forget the link…!/2012/07/cicero-on-jews.html

      The average sheeple has a worse attention span than a goldfish now. You gotta put it right in front of them.

      • Gnostic


        Much obliged, Thanks for link, I too am getting tired of holding their hands, they are like spoiled children, to lazy to do any homework, we are far better off without them on our team, send them to Walmart & be done with them.

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