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The Death of Canada’s Democracy

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

It’s about to become official, ladies and gentleman. With U.S. lap-dog Stephen Harper at the helm, Canada is about to follow the U.S. in becoming an official police state, with its own “secret police”, just like the U.S. and its “Department of Homeland

Of course this is no surprise. It was the obvious reason for the false-flag “terrorist attack” in Canada, where (as usual) the “suspects” were murdered before they could ever be questioned, let alone put on trial. Ooops…I forgot. In our neo-Nazi societies, anyone called “a terrorist” doesn’t receive public trials, or any other form of due process — as required by our Constitutions.

How odious is this new Canadian legislation? Even the Globe & Mail, the heart of the Corporate media propaganda machine in Canada stated bluntly in a headline:

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1 comment to The Death of Canada’s Democracy

  • CalSailX

    Sorry but you may have to wait until the American people finish cleaning house, before we can give you a hand. However I’m reminded of something from years ago… why do Canadian’s pour oil in their back yards… to keep their weapons from rusting! If it gets to much and you need a hand… well if it doesn’t come to a shooting war here men like me will demand your freedom also!

    If my country becomes a two way rifle range… it might take a little longer… however don’t be afraid to ask for help even if is seems we down here are up to asses in alligators. You might be surprised at what your bothers can do for you.

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