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Suicide or Wet Work? Another Banker ‘Jumps’ to His Death in NYC


The long list of mysterious and sometimes unexplained deaths of top bankers continued to grow in 2015 when a NYC Hedge Fund Manager Was Allegedly Shot And Killed By His Son in January.

Here’s the full accounting of these untimely and suspicious banker deaths over the past few years. The list now needs to be updated.

We are told that yet another yet-to-be-identified investment banker “leaped to his death” from the 24th floor of his luxury apartment in New York City Thursday morning.

According to the New York Post, The man — whom police did not immediately identify — was from a wealthy family in Westchester County.

Here’s the scoop:

from the NY

An investment banker jumped to his death from the window of his million-dollar apartment in the Financial District on Thursday, sources and authorities said.

The 29-year-old man plunged from the 24th floor of the luxury Ocean apartment building at 1 West St. at about 10:40 a.m. and landed on a guardrail near the northbound Battery Park Underpass, narrowly missing a black SUV.

The man’s body was mangled by the impact, leaving one of the vehicle’s passengers horrified, witnesses said.

“I went outside, and the woman in the car was screaming, ‘I didn’t know where he came from!’ ” said Hans Peler, 48, a manager at the building’s parking garage.

“It happened right in front of our guy who waves cars in with the flag. He was so shaken up, I told him to go home.”

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42 comments to Suicide or Wet Work? Another Banker ‘Jumps’ to His Death in NYC

  • Scott Martin

    Banker peanut allergies? (no offense to those with said allergies)

    American Express Co. said President Edward Gilligan died after becoming ill on a flight home to New York on Friday morning:

  • Dante

    Off subject, but is anyone else having an issue with the obnoxious popup, “Google wants to know your location” (or something like that). No matter what search engine I use to view SGT, this thing comes on. If I’m using Firefox, I can’t even navigate through the website whenever this comes on. The site freezes.

    SGT, are you aware of this? I’m wondering if it’s something on your end, because no matter how many times I clean my computer, there it is, but only when I’m viewing SGT.

    • Sam

      Dante, I find that there R many weird anomalies associated when visiting this website, especially when using a wireless device. I often get into a merry go round of sorts with reloading messages and ads that interfere with my navigations. Can’t swing by as much as would like to because of the hassle.
      Peace & good luck all the way around!

      • Dante

        Same here, Sam, and I’m not using a wireless device. Like you, whenever I’m on this site, my computer slows down considerably, which I would guess has something to do with all the ads. Sometimes navigation is impossible. For the longest time, it was the Kelley Bluebook pop-up that was really screwing things up, but that’s been replaced by this Google crap. I don’t have these issues on any other site. Obviously, it isn’t only me. Thanks for the input.

        • SGT

          Guys, we are trying hard to address these issues. In fact, earlier this week we disabled the Infolinks pop up ad to see if it helps. Frankly, we’re not sure exactly what is causing issues for mobile devices. But we are trying to figure it out. Thank you for your insights and patience though, very much appreciated.

        • Ed_B

          Give Ghostery a chance. It’s a free program and really helps deflect a lot of this kind of stuff.

    • rl

      Firefox, Startpage, and ghostery should solve all that. Never a problem here or anywhere else…

      • Dante

        Well, I use the Duck Duck Go add-on for both Firefox and Internet Explorer, and the Startpage add-on for Google, yet I’m still having these problems. So, I don’t know what the solution is, rl.

        • Willie

          Try Adblock plus along with Ghostery… They always show that they are blocking a load of intrusive trackers and spyware on this site. Consider also that it may be your ISP that is trying to track you and not just the website.

    • WillyT

      My PC has had several bad virus’s as well from this site. Virus’s embedded in the links to the actual website. Nasty ones too. Have had to wipe my PC twice in the past 3 months. My anitvirus isn’t picking them up.

  • rl

    Does anyone remember the sign, ‘Jump Fuckers’ that showed up on WS circa bail-ins?
    A good bumper sticker idea and a guy could retire large Im thinkin…

  • Gnostic

    Not sure why they are suiciding bankers but I suspect it has something to do with establishing a Jew World Order.

  • Johny Comelately

    I wonder who the NYT “sources” are that say the banker was suicidal?

  • James in NY

    So I’m reading it, and part of me is saying photo’s? That’s just so wrong. The other side of my brain pipes up and says,…. yeah,…. It’s always better in person! I always miss the good stuff.

  • iguana Green

    OK. Very funny. Joo world order. Pop ups. Slow computers.
    I was thinking. Maybe 90% of all people working in new York are bankers?
    So, when someone kills themselves ( in New York) there a high probability it was a Banker that jumped. Or got pushed. or shot. Whatever.
    What else do Slimey New Yorkers do besides Banking and finance and Wall Street?
    Just my opinion.

  • Timco

    Funny, I didn’t see this story covered anywhere on MSNBS this morning. Joe Kernen is the laughing stock of Cin, Ohio.

  • mark s mann

    The more dead banksters that pile up the better off humanity is. I don’t care if they kill themselves, or they are getting wacked. Dead is good…. and I hope its contagious. I wish the political elite would follow the same trend. That would be something to celebrate and would be some “hope and change” I would believe in.

    • Timco

      Dead is good? That’s really sympathetic of you. These dead bankers leave innocent children and spouses behind, and that’s not funny. Try taking a broader look at who really suffers when this happens.

      • mark s mann

        Timco & JeffG…..YES….dead is VERY good….and I don’t think its “funny” about how much damage this elitist bankster scum has done to humanity, and its far…far…far from over yet. If you think that anyone should give a rats ass about the families of these people, after they have destroyed so many lives and families themselves, it shows how detached from reality you are. Children of elitist bankster pieces of shit usually grow up to be bankster pieces of shit, especially when they are from Westchester County, NY. You should grow a pair of balls (and a backbone while you are at it) and find a real victim to dish out some of your compassion to.

        My only regret was not being there when this asshole jumped or was pushed (who cares how) to yell “DO IT….JUMP!!!” and be close enough to hear the splat on the sidewalk. Now…THAT would have been “funny”.

        When these pieces of shit start acting like human beings instead of criminal sociopaths, and when they start being held accountable for their crimes, and stripped of there stolen loot, then MAYBE I will start giving a shit about what happens to their families. Maybe.

        And in closing….the funny thing about people like you is that you don’t realize that these elitist banksters don’t extend the same courtesy, good will, empathy and compassion that you . You are a low class serf in their eyes, and they could care less what happens to you.These people WANT YOU DEAD or ENSLAVED!!! Get that through your heads.

        • glitter 1

          There is truth to MSM’s statement:

          Ex 34:7 Keeping mercy for thousands, forgiving iniquity and transgression and sin, and that will by no means clear the guilty; visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children, and upon the children’s children, unto the third and to the fourth generation.

        • Drak

          Dat was Bootiful.

    • rl

      I hear you mark.
      You play you pay and what we are seeing is the true mafia on display.
      A law unto themselves and immune; now theres the pisser.

      As for children left behind, daddy chose his route whatever that was in the end. Concern for your fellows is one thing while the only one accountable to his children was him. And all to many need suck it up, grow up, and get off the ‘how dare you’ train when the law of the jungle that we would rather not face, and that all predators live in, shows itself…
      Theres a broader look for ya.

      • Timco

        After a warped comment like that it’s pretty clear what kind of character you have rl. Glad I’m not related to you. FYI- It’s not the fault of the kids what their father does for a living. But, I guess with your mentality, the kids should disown their Dad if he’s a banker. My Mom died when I was 10, and there’s nothing good about losing a parent. I feel sorry for people like you.

        • mark s mann

          The fact that a bankster dies and leaves children behind, may actually be a good thing. Then MAYBE there is a chance that they will be raised by someone who is a more positive influence, instead of being raised by their parents who are more than likely a greedy, elitist, thieving, selfish piece of shit. Ever think of it that way? Maybe you should.

          I have no idea what you do or where you live, but I lived and worked with these people for almost 10 years, and I can tell you they are some of the worst people who populate this planet.

          • Timco

            Living and working for almost 10 years with people you consider “greedy, elitist, thieving, selfish pieces of shit”, further proves that you are an unstable person Mark. Ever think of it that way? Maybe you should.

            • mark s mann

              Timco….I lived and worked with them 20 yeas ago when I was a young man who did not know any better. I was doing what the system taught me to aspire to. One day I woke up, and I got out. I woke up…..why don’t YOU? Save your compassion for someone who is worthy, or at least someone who would extend you the same. When it all comes down, lets see how much compassion these have for you.

  • Ed_B

    “The more dead banksters that pile up the better off humanity is.”

    Maybe. I just have this nagging feeling that the ones who are dying are NOT the ones who should be dying. These are probably the mid-level guys who can be turned by a clever prosecutor.

  • glitter 1

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.

    Want to know What/Who the NWO is(and therefore what it isn’t):

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