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Stocks – Bulls, Bears, And Pigs : Which Are You?

by Michael Noonan, Edge Trader Plus:

When we started out in this business, one of the first saws of trading we learned was: Bulls make money, Bears make money, Pigs get slaughtered. That simple admonition is coming full circle as the stock market has been muscled to all time highs by central bankers seeking to protect their fiat currency Ponzi scheme at all costs. For anyone not paying attention, that cost will be passed onto you.

We have been staunch advocates that the most important and overriding information one can have on any market is the trend. It is hands down the best guide one can have, and too few give it just due. In an up trending market, bulls make money. Bears who opt to fight the obvious trend are on the wrong side of momentum, and the tuition can be costly, but always a choice.

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1 comment to Stocks – Bulls, Bears, And Pigs : Which Are You?

  • Ed_B

    Actually, there are multiple animals involved in the stock market, not just bears, bulls, and pigs. There are also chickens, sheep, hogs, jackasses, and snakes. There can also be hybrids of these critters just for some extra difficulty in identifying them.

    Beware the snakes… most of them are “brokers”, which is what most people become after dealing with them.

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