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Staying Safe at Large Events

from Off Grid Survival:

Security planning for major sports events has become a major concern for the security industry; with so many people packed into one area, these events are an attractive target for lunatics who are looking to make a political statement. Pack 20,000 people into a concert venue or hundreds of thousands of people into a NASCAR race and the possibility for an emergency situation is nothing to laugh off.

In the aftermath of the chaos in Ferguson and Baltimore, and in the shadow of the Boston Bombing, large events and rallies need to be a source of consideration when thinking about threats to your personal security. High profile sporting events, political rallies, and social justice protests are all a major cause for concern, as terrorists and those looking to spread chaos are increasingly targeting these events.

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  • Ed_B

    My plasma TV works just fine for watching any and all sporting events that appeal to me. No need to face a huge crowd, vastly inflated concessions, terrible parking, and generally obnoxious people. Instead, we have good but low cost food and drink, the bathroom only a few steps away, and one of the world’s great inventions… the mute button. 😉

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