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Sofia Smallstorm Interviews David Morgan About Our Favorite Metal, SILVER

from About the Sky:

Never thought I would have the honor to do an interview with a silver guru, which is what David Morgan is called by many.  Silver, as we know, has taken a horrible beating in recent years, sinking from a high of $48 to an abysmal drop into the teens at this time.  But there are those who anchor their lives to it, for silver is a metal more precious to man than ever, with modern applications (e.g., all our electronics) continually increasing.  I ask my guest to explain why silver is so volatile, why it shoots up and down, who controls it, and other questions no one has answered for me.  Know that he is one of the “top silver guys” on the planet, with degrees in finance and economics, an intercontinental pedigree and hundreds of interviews, articles and talks.  See his new book, The Silver Manifesto, and visit his website with free newsletter  (Read this article for more quick info on silver.)

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