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Silver To End 2015 Above $17/oz, Outperforming Gold – Thomson Reuters GFMS Silver Survey

from KitcoNews:

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7 comments to Silver To End 2015 Above $17/oz, Outperforming Gold – Thomson Reuters GFMS Silver Survey

  • dan

    above $17….a fucking moron could fore see that value…..kitco is just a NWO tout vehicle…..when silver passes $ 49 per oz….then maybe kitco’s tout would have some credibility…till then…fuck them all….imho

  • Casue

    Holy Crap Dan. I literally had the same thoughts as you even thinking the $49/oz sentiment.

    The price manipulation is so open, a statement like $17/oz feels like a slap in the face.

    Thank you for sharing.

    • Doug

      Yeah a giant slap in the face. He could probably be thinking it will go much higher than $17, but just doesn’t want to get panic buying to happen. Just a thought.

      • dan


        you are on to the solution to the manipulation…BUYING by the masses in the USA would END the control of the silver there would not be any to sell…that is why these touts talk the price down ALL the time…imho

  • f16hoser

    $17/Oz…? Really…? Your window to buy at these Ridiculous Prices is rapidly closing. I saw the headline and didn’t even bother watching the video. Has anyone bought some Silver call Options going into the end of 2015? If so, what Silver price? I’ve been trying to get some $40 Silver December Call options… No luck.

  • chris

    Wow, kitco went past the limb on this one and have their entire reputation swinging on a twig. What a pack of jerks. It will be $17.00 tomorrow… or near as fuck it.

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