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Revealed: Obama’s Dream Is Crumbling Before His Eyes, And He Has No Backup Plan

from Western Journalism:

Nearly half of the ObamaCare state exchanges face financial troubles, according to a new report.

The Washington Post reports that some of the factors contributing to the woes include high costs and less-than-anticipated enrollment:

But for the recently completed open enrollment period, sign-ups for the state marketplaces rose a disappointing 12 percent, to 2.8 million people. That compared with a 61 percent increase for the federal exchange, to 8.8 million people, according to Avalere Health, a consulting firm. States with the smallest enrollment growth are among those facing the greatest financial problems.

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2 comments to Revealed: Obama’s Dream Is Crumbling Before His Eyes, And He Has No Backup Plan

  • drak

    Okay, here is the real story. If you do not have obama care, then you do not know what it is. You also must realize that it is all a function of age group, AGI and to some degree location. This is not really an insurance plan. At best it is good if your expenses are more than the deductable plus the cost of insurance. my wife and I are 61, prior to bumcare our 10k deductable plan was 310/mo, and it covered several doctor visits and lab tests per year, our income was 80 k. pension plus investment income. Our yearly claims were less than 1000 yr. Bumcare kicks in, we are told our private plan is now 850 mo. We immediately canceled, and planned to do without ins. Then we looked at the Bumcare exchange. Same policy with them, again 850 mo. BUT what we did was sell our investments etc, and dropped to pension only. Now our AGI is half, and obama picks up 725 mo. in subsidy. The plan is worthless because we have to now pay 100 percent until we hit the 13k deductable.Even if you get it free, you still dish out 13k before it kicks in. Of course there are variables thay will increase or decrease. But this is our situation. Its not Affordable care, its not obama care, its Bumcare.

    • Ed_B

      Agreed. I do not have Obummer Care but my daughter does. She pays a low amount per month for it but the deductibles are so high that unless she has a catastrophic illness of some kind, it will never be cost effective. Every time she or one of her 2 kids gets sick and they go to the doctor, she ends up paying the bill because she has not met her annual deductions yet. Honestly, she would be MUCH better off financially to not have this “insurance” and just pay out of her own pocket for the health care she needs.

      My wife and I just qualified for Medicare, so don’t have to deal with all this Obummer Care nonsense. The Medicare program isn’t that great but at least it has been around long enough that the bugs have been worked out of that system. We have Kaiser insurance, which combines the supplementary and medicare policies into one system. We like that because we never end up caught between an insurance company and the government every time there is some “issue”. Our costs for this are about 1/2 that of the retiree health insurance I had for the past 10 years, so that’s a plus. We can use the savings to help our daughter with her money problems, some of which were caused by Obummer Care and some not. But what the hey? Life is all about family and caring for each other, so I can’t think of any better use for this money.

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