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Rev. Graham Warns ISIS: ‘In America, We Shoot Back’

by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News:

In response to the FBI warning that there may be thousands of Islamic State sympathizers in the United States, Rev. Franklin Graham said he does not advocate violence but does believe in self-defense, and warned that radical Islamists need to “remember that in America, we shoot back.”

“The FBI warned yesterday that there could be hundreds or maybe even thousands of ISIS sympathizers in America, and they are being instructed to carry out deadly attacks on U.S. targets,” said Rev. Graham in a May 8 post on Facebook. “FBI Director James Comey said, ‘It’s like the devil sitting on their shoulders, saying ‘kill, kill, kill’ all day long.'”

“I pray this never happens,” said Rev. Graham.  “May God protect our country.” He then added, “I don’t advocate violence, but I do believe in self-defense. ISIS needs to remember that in America, we shoot back.”

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3 comments to Rev. Graham Warns ISIS: ‘In America, We Shoot Back’

  • Rodster

    And in America we destabilze other countries to protect the petrodollar and in America we bring chaos to other parts of the world by creating the most vile and evil enemies that fit our propose and we deal with them later when they are of no use to us any longer. Because America is now run by TBTF Banks and the ever expanding M.I.C.

  • willygroper

    Controlled opposition malarkey.

    Daddy is a 33rd degree FreeMason & I bet he is too.


    SHOOT BACK??? Solution? II Chronicles 7:14 (STOP feeding the beast!)

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