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Real Assets Are Your Only Backstop

from Reluctant Preppers

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3 comments to Real Assets Are Your Only Backstop

  • Bill

    As intelligent as Ann is, she continues to be an adamant geoengineering denier.

    As for just holding your wealth together using metals. If you’re diversified outside of the US using a program like GoldMoney, and have significant holdings, then you are being debited hundreds of ounces a year for storage and insurance fees beyond just the ongoing price crushing. No one ever talks about the cost of carry for metal holdings that are too large to safely store at home, let alone in the US.

    • Eric

      You gotta think like a pirate. I pay zero for storage and insurance, and yet my metal is secure.

      While I do like gold money but don’t use it, your wealth is not really anymore accessible than your checking account.

      REAL STUFF!!! Not paper. Not digital. Not the matrix.

      Go buy a crappy old truck that doesn’t work from somebody. It’s still better than anything digital.

    • Jerry

      “As intelligent as Ann is”

      Bill, you must be talking about another Ann Barnhardt. The one in this interview is the one that refused to pay her income tax and instead gave the finger to the IRS and now pisses and moans about having her bank account confiscated by the IRS because she was too stupid to realize that they can do that. Also in part 1 of this video she tells people to have as little as possible income tax withheld from your pay check and then not file a tax return and let the IRS come after you. Smart thing to tell people to do, isn’t it? She also said in another video that the U.S. has not had a quarter where the GDP was 5% or higher since the Carter administration. This it totally false. It took me only one minute to find out that we actually had a number of quarters where the GDP was greater than 5% since Carter. She also states in another video that derivatives are FDIC insured. That is also false. Only deposit accounts such as checking, savings, and CDs, under the insured amount, are FDIC insured. While derivatives are housed in FDIC insured institutions, that does not mean that they are FDIC insured. The same goes for stocks, bonds, mutual funds etc… It seems that a lot of what she says is not completely accurate. She is one of the worst out there. As far as women go, Nomi Prins, Catherine Austin Fitts and even the Aden sisters are far much better.

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