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Rainbow in the Dark: Powerful Proof of 9/11 Nukes

New research falsifies the nanothermite and DEW alternatives while confirming the mini-nuke hypothesis.

from Donald Fox:

In accounting for the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11, there are three contending factions within the 9/11 research community. While virtually everyone agrees that WTC-7 was brought down in a (classic) controlled demolition, they differ with respect to how the Twin Towers were destroyed, which was obviously not by means of any kind of collapse, which we know, given their design, would have been impossible, but which the government has told the American people was the case. These three factions advance different alternative hypotheses of how it was done:

(h1) the nanothermite hypothesis, supported by A&E911, Steve Jones and Christopher Bollyn;
(h2) the mini-nuke hypothesis, supported by Scholars for 9/11 Truth and others here at VT;
(h3) the Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) hypothesis, supported by Judy Wood and her associates.

A&E911 has received enormous support from the public, which has allowed its head, Richard Gage, to travel around the country and lead a comfortable life-style. His critics, however, are skeptical that A&E911 is on the up-and-up because its commitment to nanothernmite has been established to be inadequate as an explanation for the destruction of the Twin Towers, not least of all because in (its extant versions) nanothermite has an explosive force 1/13 as powerful as TNT.

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