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Decade Old Posts From Contractors Who Actually Built Massive Underground Military Facilities & Tunnels

from Before Its News:

Ok, so I have a lot of new information (or information that very few others have mentioned thus far) regarding the HUGE TUNNELS BEING FOUND AROUND THE COUNTRY LEADING TO A MASSIVE NETWORK OF UNDERGROUND MILITARY FACILITIES. Based on the information I have dug up, these tunnels and the massive facilities they connect seem about as dubunkable as FEMA CAMPS these days, or said another way: THE CAT IS OFFICIALLY OUT OF THE BAG!

These tunnels are VERY real. As always, I do not profess have the answers… quite the opposite… I will pose even more questions than before… but the more patriots who are aware of the fact that SOMETHING is going on, even if we don’t know precisely what, the better chances we all stand when the time comes. I also have VERY CREDIBLE information suggesting that the FORMER GREEN BERET in my previous article was DEAD WRONG in his assessment of Jade Helm. Remember, his assessment made NO MENTION of the Walmart or the tunnels, so as credible as he seemed, it was obvious he was missing some information. I’ll get to MORE DEVELOPMENTS ON HOW THESE TUNNELS TIE INTO JADE HELM in a subsequent post.

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