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Post-Collapse Food Will Probably Make You Sick. Here’s What You Need to Know

from Ready Nutrition:

Good Day, Ready Nutrition readers, and welcome to Part 2 of the series covering the challenges posed by Food borne illness and diarrhea in a conventional setting, wilderness area, and a grid-down SHTF scenario. Our concentration is going to be heavy on the latter two, as they are experienced in similar fashions (primitive conditions and surroundings). We outlined the categories in the last article. Let’s discuss the environment one will face.

Firstly, during a hunting trip or in a survival situation, there are many forms of wildlife that will serve as a quarry, depending on your geographical locale: deer, elk, wild boar/pig, waterfowl (ducks, geese), rabbit, squirrel, and so on. The basics of field dressing are not going to be addressed in this piece; however, one of the considerations on food preparation of wild game is the maintenance of the meat’s cleanliness.

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6 comments to Post-Collapse Food Will Probably Make You Sick. Here’s What You Need to Know

  • Craig it's all gone

    In a TRUE survival-crisis situation (such as Bosnia during the siege-war), ALL the animals, game, dogs, cats, farm and zoo,, were GONE within 30 days.

    Every idiot with a gun will think he can get to the forest and “hunt game”. (big chance that HE will end up on the BBQ to feed some wiser, more desperate starving gang.)

    And don’t forget, that for more than 10 years, the gov’t has had AUDIO detectors that can pin-point with-in 10 feet or LESS of where a gunshot was fired. Martial law troops or cops will be arriving shortly to execute the order to confiscate all guns (and often will just execute the gun owner too.)

    A more survivable situation will be to get RID of the firearms (unless you’ve got some good “suppressors”).. and use air-operated guns, archery gear, etc. Gotta be silent to prevent your arrest.

    Next up,, is surviving after all the “meat” has been hunted. Better be growing all kinds of foods that people don’t recognise as food.. or get away from the cities and suburbs.

    • Ed_B

      “Martial law troops or cops will be arriving shortly to execute the order to confiscate all guns (and often will just execute the gun owner too.)”

      Which could set up some excellent sniping opportunities for anyone wanting to avail themselves of that activity.

      Bottom line during any SHTF situation is… never give up your guns… for ANY reason. It won’t be just the guns they want but the gun-owner too; once disarmed, just how difficult will that be?

  • Craig it's all gone

    Yes, of course guns will be needed to protect you and your family. But keep in mind, that is the handguns that most often fill that role (such as the Argentina crisis).. go read about those 2 places. Argentina & Bosnia.

    But keep in mind, that the police,etc, may be carrying “Voice Stress Analizers” (portable lie detectors) as they ask everybody in your house about the “HIDDEN” guns & ammo.

    And if they let you live,, you may have had the muzzle of an M16 in your wife & children’s mouths.

    So it’s possible,, you may have NO guns to work with. Learning how to make a bow out of 3/4″ PVC pipe (on youtube) may be one of your best weapons after the authorities have finished with your area.
    Slingshot, blow gun, pnematic gun, etc. Home made gunpowder and firearm, etc.

    If they are successful in rounding up all the guns (and killing 1/4 of the population, then you may not have any guns or ammo available. Think ahead.

  • Ed_B

    “And if they let you live, you may have had the muzzle of an M16 in your wife & children’s mouths.”

    Which is why it is better to fight like hell not to get into that position. Letting some uncaring SOB decide whether or not you live or your wife and kids get gang-raped to death is a terrible way to proceed in a SHTF situation. Never assume that the police or military are coming to our neighborhoods to “help” or rescue anyone. Most likely, they’ll be coming there to help themselves to everything we have… including our lives if they are not stopped from doing that.

  • Craig it's all gone

    @Ed-B. Fighting like hell is a nice, “romantic” way of thinking of things. But of course, when the UN troops (or other national treaty troops show up at your door inside 2 or 3 armoured personal carriers (APC) with 20-30 armed and ready troops, and 50 cal heavy machine guns pointed at your house (which will go all the way thru a brick house).. and 15 of those troops smash down your door, come rushing in… I’d like to know how anybody can fight it and have any chance of not getting the entire family killed or the house gets shelled and leveled and burned.

    I admit this is a worst case scenario, but pre-thinking things thru, and being aware of some of the military protocols already on the books, it’s better to be a realist and not a romanticist.

    Not too many men would be willing to sacrifice their families just to fire a few rounds at an armoured vehicle just to make a point. Better to live to fight another day instead of trying to go out in a “blaze of glory” (the blaze of glory thing,, is for Jihadi idiots,, and not for me.)

  • Craig it's all gone

    Sad but true,,, EVERY time our “troops” have been “ordered” to fire on American citizens,, they have followed those orders.
    WW1 veterans went to D.C. to protest for their promised “compensation” and they were gunned down.
    Kent State University protesters of the Vietnam War. Gunned down.

    Troops are trained to follow orders and never question or think.

    BOO-YAH!!! SUPPORT OUR TROOPS. Merika, Merika Merika is the Greatest!!! Bada Boom,, Bada Bing.

    Anybody who thinks our troops will not kill American citizens,, you are a fool. Can I have your car after you’re gone?

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