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Dave Kranzler from Investment Research Dynamics and SGT Report contributor Rory join me to discuss the very suspicious and still unexplained sudden death of Dave Goldberg, the husband of Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg. According to many, Facebook is closely tied to the NSA. So how did Goldberg die from a run on a treadmill during vacation? Was it a hit? The NSA is finally coming under public, political and LEGAL pressure for its litany of crimes against the people. Today in fact, A federal appeals court ruled that the telephone metadata collection program, under which the NSA gathers up millions of phone records OF AMERICANS on an ongoing daily basis, is illegal under the Patriot Act, which the NSA has been using as “legal grounds” for its unconstitutional spying. Truth is stranger than fiction, so we want to know what really happened to 47-year old Goldberg. We also discuss silver and Dave Kranzler’s prediction that the white metal will be the best performing asset of 2015, and much much more. Join us for this dynamic conversation as we go behind the headlines to seek the truth.

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16 comments to NSA RATS EXPOSED, SILVER 2015 & Much More

  • willygroper

    Perhaps some can get a larger pic than me, but here’s a few tidbits I’ve picked up, many from here.

    1. a ZH poster that survived the fall of the eastern bloc has said since the banksters started being offed that there was a battle between MIC & Banksters. Looks like he’s not the only one that thinks so.

    2. Jim Willie thinks oil’s days may be over because of the patent Toyota GAVE away, IIRC it was hydrogen fuel cell.

    3. We know from Catherine Austin-Fitts there’s a black ops space program. There was another video posted here that had an engineer showing space craft design, his belief of the specs, how it worked & where it was stored. IIRC HUGE hanger Northrup Grummon

    4. Per Barrie Trower the aluminum nano raining down on us from the chemtrails is trapping & amplifying the EMF which is only getting worse. IIRC the EMF stayed in the atmosphere, just exacerbated by chemtrails. The spacecraft mentioned would utilize this.

    5. John B. Wells had a guest on Caravan to Midnight that actually had some footage of what he believed to be these craft.

    6. Bill Gates in 2009 has patented an electro-magnetic engine.

    thots anyone…

    • Rusticus

      Lots to say about the myriad of topics you’ve brought up here, but I’ll simply posit one question: What evidence do you have that the MIC and the “banksters” are not one and the same? What evidence exists that the ever-expanding war state could not exist without free money?

      Even the flood of black market money from drugs and human trafficking, from our best estimations, couldn’t even cover half of the above-board military budget, and we know for a fact that a good portion of that money is used to float stocks, namely, banking and insurance stocks, which doesn’t exactly jive with the theory outlined here.

      …I’m a liar, because I’m forced to posit a second question: What of these technology transfers from West to East is any different than the tech transfers to Nazi Germany or the USSR as outlined by Antony Sutton?

      How is it different than the technology transfers that took place between American corporations in the 90s to build up China?

      There’s a lot of Truth to what you have to say, especially related to the black budget/occulted tech, but many of these prognostications, which I’ve seen bandied about alt media for years now, simply don’t pass the BS “sniff test.” But hey, that’s just one man’s opinion.

      …but I certainly second your desire for an edit function on SGT! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • willygroper


        I have no evidence of anything other than as humans we are wired to look for patterns.
        There’s always a power struggle for the alpha dog. I see the top of this pyramid no different. I’ve asked many questions of the person that survived the fall of the eastern block and many answers make sense. It’s my thick noggin that can’t quite see thru the subterfuge. So, let me drop this.

        BOLI-Bank owned life insurance. There’s been over 70 dead banksters in the last 2 years.
        Bankers eating their own? IMO the CIA/FSB have the cunning & resources to make sure there’s no trail. Banksters want a weak dollar. MIC a strong dollar…profits on one hand/power on the other. What’s the one commodity essential to the MIC…oil. Rottenfellar’s son taken out in the usual way & he’s also divested himself of much of his oil holdings. Could that be alt/energy? He’s fur shur a bankster…surrender after his son’s death?

        The war state exists because of plunder. They simply take it. Let’s consider the gold stolen in all the latest skirmishes. Same as it ever was. CONgress has done f’all to reign in the banksters…we know they’re blackmailed sluts. Perhaps those bankster non-prosecution agreements coupled with fines are helping to fund the MIC. Allegedly, CONgress allocates that military budget which continues to increase. With 90 million folks unemployed, it’s not getting done with tax dollars. IMO the drug trade is MASSIVE. When one thinks digitally there’s Centcom. The market…HA, is nothing but 1’s & 0’s. What is money now? Mostly 1’s & 0’s. Don’t even need ctl p. There is no market. It’s completely captive with algo’s giving the illusion that it’s functioning. So just who is in charge of all those skimming algos? I think it would be folly to assume banksters only, given the NSA’s tentacles.

        There is a common denominator to both…duals/Satanism.

        I could not agree with you more on the tech transfer referenced by Sutton et. al.
        This is why I question any of the Kabuki going on with Pooty or AIIB. Controlled opposition or alpha dog? The FED is toast & running on fumes buying toxic waste. Since the USSA milk cow has been gutted, is the AIIB more of the same with the Ponzi relocating & starting over? We’ve been snug on the plantation. We’re headed to the Marxist gulag. Look no further than what’s been done to the education system, Marxism. Charlotte Iserbyt has been fighting it for decades. On his death bed, her father (a bonesman) said if he had time left he’d help her. Death bed confession like so many?

        There’s one thing I can say with absolute certainty to be true, and that is deception.

        • Rusticus

          Very interesting speculation, willy. Couldn’t agree more on the necessity for skepticism in all realms of Deep Politics, especially the “Good Witch of the East” narrative.

          We really don’t know if the Bankster whacks are two “Alpha Dogs,” as you say, locked in combat over scrap meat, or more akin to the Ouroboros, the Snake devouring its own tail. The fate of IMF heads as of late, in addition to the string of mid-level banker deaths, is interesting, to say the least. They trumped up those rape charges on Dominique Strauss-Khan to make way for “Fifi” Lagarde, who seems to be the gal set up to manage the “Age of Transitions,” economically speaking.

          …but even then, they’ve already got a target on her back:

          She’s managed to evade prosecution thus far, but it’s clear that once she’s served her purpose, they’ll cast her aside, too. I dunno. The “Power Elite” just strike me as a cannibalistic class in general, though the idea of competing factions, as you note, certainly can’t be outright discounted.

          We also have no idea how large the drug trade truly is, and my last comment may have been in haste. But the laundering of drug money through the banking system and stock market strikes me as yet another example of how much the banksters and the MIC exist in a symbiotic realm. A “don’t rock the boat (too much)” philosophy seems to be the order of the day.

          On the note of algo spoofing and the general chicanery in the digi-stawk market, the NSA and CIA are most certainly involved, but probably more in the realm of working via subcontractors as opposed to doing it themselves. Richard Grove’s “Project Constellation” whistleblowing venture sheds a lot of light on the software back doors and AI trading software performing these tasks, and this is just what was around in the late-90s/early-2000s:

          Mark Gaffney’s research on “Black 9/11” lends credence to the subcontractor model as well:

          Regardless of how the minutia operate, your overall thesis is spot-on, mate. Technocratic Neofeudalism, sadly, seems to be the trajectory of Mankind at this point. A sad and sobering state of affairs. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  • willygroper

    Wish there was an edit feature.
    Here’s the CTV episode footage.

    Here’s the engineer. Name McCandlish. He explains how this craft levitates magnetically.
    Ha…uses magnesium fused in an oxygen deprived environ.

  • gary h

    be great if you 3 could get together at least once a week[or more] & throw around the news,rumors & what not, as its always a lively,interesting,informative dialogue,as some of us miss stuff and/or simply don’t have the x-tra time to look at everything..thanks guys for all your great hard work as always..
    sure wish I could figure out this Mike Rivero caricature..he is obviously intelligent enough to know that a missile was fired into the Pentagon [and the 2 towers]as the nose of a jet is the weakest part of a jet & is simply a hollow aluminum tube,& NEVER would have made it inside the Pentagon OR the WTC towers 1 & 2,let alone made it through the structural steel perimeter wheat chex grid in the towers,[the 2- 10,000 pound each Rolls Royce. or GE engines,would have had the best chance of making it into/inside the towers & into/inside the Pentagon]let alone make it through some or most of the 47 interior core columns in the towers, to come out the other side of the tower as you can plainly see in that one infamous WTC video,or make it to & through the “C” ring at the Pentagon..I’d pay a million bucks to see what was laying in the space/grass between the C & B rings at the a billion bucks it was the remains of a cruise missile, & certainly no one was allowed to photograph it & if it was photographed,it was immediately classified top secret & will never see the light of day

  • rl

    For all the Vlad good guy bad guy prognosticators…
    Document:Putin the Good Goy
    Public knowledge of the early life of Vladimir Putin is sparse and controversial. These extracts from Eduard Hodos’ book deal with information – suppressed in both Russia and the West – about Putin’s rise to the Russian presidency in 2000, together with his deep, and problematical relationships with Chabad Lubavitch Hasidic Judaism, its Russian Chief Rabbi Berl Lazar and its Yeltsin-era oligarchs. Some of it is speculative but there is enough solid factual content to demonstrate that these relationships have been a major factor – possibly even the defining one – in Putin’s decision-making. It is a complex and tangled story told with wit and sarcasm a-plenty and the picture painted is very different from those of both the western and Russian official narrative’s of the Russian presidents career to date.
    It is understood that Hodos (himself a Jew) is still resident in Kharkov, Ukraine (as at June 2014) but it is now difficult to find any of his work on the internet.

  • Rusticus

    Excellent interview, Sean. I’ve said it before, but I really appreciate your willingness to broach the topic of the “East/West Dialectic” and happy to hear that like minds like Dave and Rory are also skeptical of the narrative that’s been peddled by much of the alt-media over the past few years in this respect.

    The aspect of this that makes my day is how the comment section here on SGT eventually filters into your own consideration, and eventually, content. One comes away with the feeling that you truly respect (both in the modern sense and the etymological re-spectare, “to take another look at,”) your viewers.

    As always, keep up the hard work in full knowledge that it’s appreciated ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • jskauai

    * I can’t seem to post this in the WW article on Canadian silver maple leaf production for 2014*
    On May 6, 2015 the Silver Institute release an article on the key components of global silver demand for 2014. The research for this article was performed by GFMS team at Thomson Reuters. After reading where Canada has sold 29 million silver maple leafs it got me to question some of those “key Components” in the above released article. According to this article Silver coins and medals demand was 107.6 Moz last year. This is part of a category “coins and bars” which they state in 2013 the demand was 243.6 million ounces (mos.) and in 2014 there was 196 mos. That’s a whopping decline of 47.6 mos.! So with some arithmetic we can see that there was 107.4 mos. of coins and medals and 88.6mos. of silver bars. The picture being painted is that with declining silver price 2014 being lower on average than 2013, well investors just were not buying a many coins and bars! I ask are these numbers truly accurate? With the 107.4 coins and medal sold globally the US and Canada sold 73mos. of eagles and maple leafs but they also sold “other silver coins” which US totals for silver coins sold being about 50 mos. I don’t know what Canada total was (some help here please). But back to the math 107.4 – about 80 for US and Canada = 27.4mos. for the rest of the world! So that include Perth, Austria, China, S. Africa, Royal mint, etc. I wonder if it also includes the private mints like northwest territorial mint and the many others producing rounds?, or are round and bars the same thing. Anyway here is the link..

  • hal

    Eat bean tacos instead, Dave.

  • Fred Hayek

    You guys are leaving out a MAJOR factor when considering the grievances that China may still feel toward the Rothschild controlled west.

    Go to Charles Savoie’s Silver Stealers and read the part where he recounts, from contemporaneous documents, the absolutely criminal dumping of India’s silver on the world market by the British circa 1930. China was still a nation that used silver as money. The effect of the British dumping incredible amounts of what was actually India’s silver on the market was to crush the price of silver and ruin China’s economy.

    So, if you’re a chinese leader, the guys who want you to go all in for the new world order with them have done the following:

    1)Forced opium on your people over about 3+ decades in the late 1800’s and fought 2 wars against you to prevent you from stopping it.

    2) Ruined your economy circa 1930 with the full knowledge that this would be the effect of dumping the silver of another country over which they had imperial control.

    3) Casually proceeded over the last several decades to fuck over their own countrymen.

    So, hey, why not trust them, right?!

    • Ed_B

      Re silver dumping in 1930…

      Maybe the Chinese are gearing up to do the same, only with a twist. Instead of dumping a lot of gold into the market, maybe they should use it to back a new class of Chinese sovereign bond? Doing that would cause all hell to break loose in the Western bond markets as people dump their non-backed bonds and buy up all of the gold-backed bonds. Governments that could not come up with gold backing for their own sovereign bonds would fall over this, particularly those in Japan, the US, the UK, and the EU. This could very well be their master stroke revenge for all the abuse they have taken over the last 200 or so years. If the Chinese people have anything, it is a LONG memory. It’s possible that India would be into this as well in some supporting role. They have a lot of grievances against the Brits and are allied with Russia, so who knows what plans are being concocted in Asia these days? Whatever they are, they are unlikely to be friendly to the West.

  • wauhoo

    Great interview, as always.
    Regarding Dave Goldberg’s death, it reminds me of an incident in the 1980’s where my dentist and friend, in his mid 40’s and in great shape (so we all thought) collapsed and died from a massive myocardial infarction while on a treadmill. The autopsy report here may well prove to be the same.

    • Ed_B

      Could be. Then there’s the former running guru and fitness author, Jim Fixx, who had to be in superb physical condition… until he collapsed and died while jogging. ๐Ÿ™

  • Ed_B

    “Today in fact, A federal appeals court ruled that the telephone metadata collection program, under which the NSA gathers up millions of phone records OF AMERICANS on an ongoing daily basis, is illegal under the Patriot Act, which the NSA has been using as โ€œlegal groundsโ€ for its unconstitutional spying.”

    OK, according to this judge, it is illegal to be doing this. So… any arrests made yet? That’s what happens when any of us commit a felony crime. As usual, however, the Dept. of Just Us will “decline to prosecute”. Too bad that some state or county court doesn’t enforce the law in this episode of feds behaving badly. We seem to have a LOT of that these days. Methinks we’d have less of this IF the law was enforced for ALL instead of just those who are too weak in political power or finances to fight back. ๐Ÿ™

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