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New Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Has Been Announced

from The Daily Sheeple:

The most legitimate argument against Bitcoin, is the fact that it isn’t backed by anything tangible. While it does use math and cryptography to create scarcity, at the end of the day bitcoins are still just digits on a screen. In that regard, they’re aren’t that different from fiat currencies. Their value is dictated by confidence and belief, rather than real world value.

But that may be about to change. Not for bitcoin, but for digital currencies in general. The gold storage company known as Anthem Vault has decided to release a new cryptocurrency that is backed by precious metals. Each “coin” will be valued at 1 gram of gold, and will be called the “Hayek,” after Austrian Economist Friedrich Hayek. It’s slated to be released on May 25th.

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8 comments to New Gold Backed Cryptocurrency Has Been Announced

  • Eric

    Saw this yesterday. Good idea but I’m not convinced. It has to be directly convertible into gold. Personally I think aurum with the 1gram gold squares that you can break off and carry a card around in your wallet is the best I’ve heard of so far. But I’m not opposed to using silver as money.

    • anon

      I agree with you, Eric. I’m not convinced either. Is “backing this crypto-currency with gold” just a LURE, to get people to conduct their financial transactions ONLINE? in the 24/7 NSA TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SPACE?, when we KNOW that the NSA has back-doors built into almost ALL software (remember PROMIS Software?) and data-mining operations can literally steal Bitcoins, for example. Yep. IF it can be directly convertible into gold, then ~ MAYBE. But, how would you get your gold? It’s too centralized – people should have their currency (silver, gold) that they carry with them – period. And this is EXACTLY what TPTB don’t want. It takes away their CONTROL. This is why they are banging the drum right now to BAN CASH – for Centralization of their CONTROL.

      • Eric

        I’ve had good experiences with Amagi before and they use Anthem as their vaulted storage facility. So nothing against Anthem. Although I don’t use vaulted storage facilities I cannot access directly.

        I have a feeling we are all destined for a world currency which will have some kind of gold audited and added to the reserves of the SDR eventually. It’s sad the people have been so brainwashed over generations and still have no clue what money is, what legal tender is, what fiat means.

        Gold… money in its purest form.
        Silver… still money but more of a strategic metal.
        Platinum and Palladium… strategic metals.

        Until we can take a gold or silver coin and directly convert it into real goods and services, there will never be an honest central banking system.

        TIme to kick out the money changers.

        • fonestar

          fonestar will never sell his Bitcoins for this! Bitcoin is backed by math, that IS the whole point. You back it with something physical and then whoever has the most tanks, the most aircraft carriers comes and takes that and POOF! There goes your physical backing!

  • Eric

    A roll of silver dimes is $84.32 here…

    That’s $1.68 in federal reserve notes for almost a 1/10 of an ounce of silver.

    Do something to protect yourself while you still can.

  • glitter 1

    2006 – Aaron Russo’s expose’ “America Freedom To Fascism” where he reveals his discussions with Nick Rockefeller in part about their plans for electronic cashless system along with micro-chips for Total Control of the population.

    2013 – David Rockefeller state that “A Cashless System” needs to be instituted by 2016.

    2015 – Continuous/accelerating calls/articles from all quarters that there is a war on cash,the elimination of cash,electronic digital currency(s),etc.

    The Meme is grabbing all the headlines,we see/read/listen to it almost daily now,it is everywhere nonstop.When the sponsors of the NWO put out their plans,why is it so hard to dismiss it off hand so easily.Wake up people! Why is it so difficult to not see what direction “THEY” are leading towards.There is no champion riding in on a White Horse to the rescue to the US,World,Us!Things/Events and time are progressing in rapid fashion and I hate to be so negative,but the facts are before us all to see.There is a cat 5 s***storm heading this way.There has been relentless warnings to that fact.It’s time to remove the blinders and gird yourself for what is bearing down.A Digital Cashless System is their ultimate goal and they will most likely get it.The best,most effective way to go Global with it is to crash the entire Global System then out of the ashes a New Monetary System(digital)will be erected.This is how The Global Elite have always operated,their MO.

  • A good idea/action but it does lose one of the key features of cryptocurrency – decentralization.

  • Craig it's all gone

    I agree with many of you guys here.
    I have learned (the hard way) not to trust anything that is “backed by this or that”.. (such as the “Full faith & bad credit of the US gov’t”.

    Gold backed this or that,, is still just a PROMISE to convert.

    I like the idea of something that is crypto and cannot be confiscated by hands.. but I also prefer something that needs NO backing because it is the “real deal”. (the solid, true item).

    Also,,if the some portion of the country suffers a huge EMP,, or a solar CME Carrington event that kills the grid (and the internet & all electronic accounting & transfers are dead)..then SO GOES every crypto-currency.)

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