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MUST READ Prediction: The NWO Schedule of Implementation

from Redefining God:

The new update of my NWO Schedule of Implementation page:

Here is the current Schedule of Implementation for the multilateral/multipolar New World Order as best as I can discern it at this time. As we go forward, I will add more details and supporting material to this page and will modify the timeline as I detect changes in globalist preparatory propaganda.

First Half of 2015: > June 4-18: There will be a notable economic downturn which could be set in motion by either a Greek default or a Federal Reserve interest rate hike (the Greek default seems the more likely candidate). The economic situation will grow worse as we approach September and may be accompanied by increasing war rumors and false-flag terror attacks (of both the real and the “crisis actor” varieties). Bank bail-ins and other measures to harvest the public’s wealth may be implemented in the following months.

> June 16-17: The Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) will meet. If they choose to raise interest rates at this time, it would be a double-whammy (along with the likely Greek default) on the financial system. Given the globalist meetings occurring in the September – November time frame, though, it is more likely we’ll see the rate increase in September.

A core component of the globalists’ strategy to centralize power over the world’s currencies lies in making the Fed and their other national central banks look bad. For this reason, they’ve been deliberately staging “currency wars” and having their supranational institutions (the IMF and the BIS) and media propagandists point out the destructive nature of the policies being pursued at the national level. “Only at the international level,” they argue, “can currency stability be achieved.”

In keeping with this strategy, they are using their national central banks to blow up the global economy so their supranational institutions can step forward and restore order. And as they transition power from the national to the supranational level, they will close down the Fed and other central banks in order to transfer control of national currencies to their respective treasury departments. Since the central banksters have consolidated power over the national governments, they can safely move their “flag” from the central banks to the treasuries. The treasuries are run by their people anyhow.

So when you hear alternative media propaganda about “ending the Fed” and “bringing back a US Treasury dollar,” know that this is the solution the banksters want you to embrace. It is a solution designed to make it appear that the problem posed by the “evil Western central bankers” has been licked, but it’s just a scam. And in the US, Ron and Rand Paul are the primary controlled-opposition agents the globalists have designated to con you.

Second Half of 2015:

> July 8-9: During this, the 7th month of the year, the BRICS will hold their 7th Summit meeting in Russia. They will likely announce the launch of the New Development Bank (the BRICS Bank) at that time, and Greece will seek membership and aid for the restarting of their economy. This will be a key scene in the “Good East versus Bad West” stageplay the globalists are putting on for the public.

The script of the play calls for Greece, the “birthplace of democracy,” to flee the “anti-democratic” West and join the “BRICS rebellion against the evil Western central bankers.” This will be the point in the drama where the “heroes” finally turn the tide and march on to victory. What the play’s program fails to mention, though, is that the BRICS central bankers have all along been working with their Western siblings in implementing the multilateral / multipolar New World Order. They all cooperate very closely in the IMF, the BIS, and the G20, and it’s all documented in the NWO and Globalist Agenda Watch 2015 sections of this blog.

To get the full skinny on what the globalists are doing with Greece, have a look at this entry: The Greek “People’s Revolution” and the New European Renaissance, brought to you by the NWO.

> September 4-5: The G20 finance ministers and central bank governors will meet. Given the economic turmoil taking place, they will stress the critical urgency of moving past the US’ obstruction of IMF quota reform as soon as possible. Later actions and inactions by the Federal Reserve and Congress will be seen as cementing the G20’s arguments.

If you wish to understand how the economic side of the NWO has developed, it is imperative that you learn how the G20 was formed and what they’ve been up to. A concise and very eye-opening summary can be found in this entry: George Soros and the elite’s China-fronted New World Order.

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31 comments to MUST READ Prediction: The NWO Schedule of Implementation

  • Abby

    I 100% agree with the Pope’s visit. The USA is now owned by the Vatican lock, stock and barrel. Jim Willie has said that Obama (and most probably all Presidents since Kennedy was shot because he said: I might be a Catholic but I do not take orders from a priest.) has been given a $billion Vatican account. He answers to the Pope. There will be an even bigger number of South Americans entering the USA in order to make the country 100% Roman Catholic, as with South America and most of Europe.


    They forgot Lockheed Martin, the NSA a new modern version of the confessional, Bank of America, CIA Langely Virginia and their private army, Blackwater.And everyone is still trying to figure out who the Illuminati is! The Illuminati was started by A Jesuit as a counter measure to the Founding Fathers and to adopt Freemasonary and infiltrate it and bring it under the control of the Knights of Malta and the Roman Catholic P2 mafia lodges.

    Also see: The F#cking Criminal Bankers and Military Industrial Complex….

    As for Russia, the Eastern Orthodox Church will never come under control of the Vatican. For 1,000 years the Vatican has persecuted the Slav Orthodox Christians in Eastern Europe. Napoleon failed to take over Russia. So did Hitler. Lenin an envoy of the Wall Street Bankers and Stalin also failed to totally destroy the Orthodox Church, today it is stronger than ever today.

    The authors of this article seems to think that the NWO is pro a multi polar word. It is not. It is pro a unipolar world owned and ultimately controlled by the “Roman (Catholic) Universal”Empire.Something Rockfeller has always supported and promoted and been very proud of.

    Again I think those who believe that the East and BRICS are part of this criminal, illuminati gang are either gatekeepers or prefer the devil that they know rather than the one they do not know and have no control over. If BRICS and the AIIB make concessions to the IMF, the World Bank and the UN, it is in the interests of world peace as opposed to WW3, but they are not going to throw in the towel and be dictated to this gang of liars, cheats and thieves.

    see: Cabal Control of Eurasia? – Unlikely.

    Two very informative interviews were posted by Jim Willie recently. Both are well worth listening to and more accurate than this article. The USA might become Pope central with a Papal Embassy that until Regean was not allowed in D.C. and certainly not by the Founding Father’s who set up a country that was not only free from tyrannical ruling Monarchies of Europe but also of the Vatican and the Pope. The rest of the world is not going to follow suit.

  • Gnostic

    “Allow me to control a Nations money & I care not who makes it’s laws” Rothschild

    & they control the Vatican Bank, Nuff said.

  • Abby

    One better. They OWN Lockheed Martin and the NSA! Dah! And look who is in the photograph. The Nazi Bush, Blair and Condi, Jesuit freaks the lot!

  • Gnostic

    Come on Abby, You know s well as I, Kabbalist Jews established the Jesuit Order as they did Freemasonry.

  • Aziz JAAFAR

    Abby,I totally agree with you.And Jim Willie is a clever person who is actually worth listening to.

    • Abby

      Thank you. These Nazis are blind, deaf and dumb!

      • Gnostic

        C U Next T uesday

        • Eric

          Nazi. Another jew word create by jews from jewtown to criticize free thinkers and truth tellers.

          I was talking to a self entitled JAP last night who apparently has a problem with “Republicans” and “people with too much money.”

          I wish you had been there Gnostic.

          • Gnostic


            Was that one of those Hollyweird parties? Wish I was there too, in my NAZI attire….LOL

            • Eric

              Yeah that wouldn’t have been good actually. But I would have laughed. 🙂

              It was some close friends. My buddy’s son graduated from college. nice secular jewish family I have worked with and known for years, but his daughter is developing this self absorbed princess attitude I don’t like very much. I dropped some words of truth and wisdom on her, but the liberal arts colleges have brainwashed these kids pretty damn good. I wouldn’t be surprised if she went full commie bolshevik.

              I stay away from the hollywood self absorbed ego driven parties where everyone and everything is awesome!

              • Eric

                There is still hope for his son at least since he reads Carl Jung and has an open mind and a brain.

                I feel bad for these kids. As soon as I walked in I met this nice young guy who just got his masters degree in music and apparently all the student loan debt to go with it.

  • Howard Roark

    Wake up Abby…the Vatican is merely the tool…

    Jeffrey Sachs is the jew pulling the strings!!!

    “Top Vatican adviser Jeffrey Sachs says that when Pope Francis visits the United States in September, he will directly challenge the “American idea” of God-given rights embodied in the Declaration of Independence.

    Sachs, a special advisor to the United Nations and director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University, is a media superstar who can always be counted on to pontificate endlessly on such topics as income inequality and global health. This time, writing in a Catholic publication, he may have gone off his rocker, revealing the real global game plan.”

    BroNat had him nailed YEARS ago!!!

    • Gnostic


      Don’t count on Abby waking up, she likes to focus on the outer layers of the stinky onion.

      • Howard Roark

        I see that from the “nazi” label…a real, “deep, critical thinker”……

      • Eric

        Yeah I noticed not very many get to center or do they search around in the really scary dark spots of the bottom of the rabbit hole. They just shine the flashlight around a little and then go back up to the surface.

        Have you guys gone through the black eyed kids stuff yet? That shit will give you chills and keep you up at night.

    • Eric

      That should be interesting. Perhaps we will remind him what the difference between “rights” and “privileges” really are.

      It doesn’t matter whether they are “God-given” or “Yahweh-given” or whether they come from the Son (sun) or El (Saturn).

      You have a BIRTH (berth) right as a man on the land.

      I just hope they wear those funny looking blue hats so I know what to aim for.

  • glitter 1

    How would a cabal hell bent on creating a One World Government,which will be a Totalitarian,Socialist/Communist Regime accomplish such a goal.First you create/foster an Idealogy of Capitalism and Communism(Thesis/Antithesis) and institute these let say by the creation of nation states such as America under Capitalism then Totalitarian/Communism under Russia and then China.Now in order to foment the finality/fruition of three planned WW’s in order to bring about the Hegalian Dielectic of Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis to ultimately abolish Captitalism and merge it with Totalitarian/Socialism,you have to first create the discord between the two so that out of the ashes(WWIII)a NWO(One World Totalitarian Socialist Government can emerge.
    Why else would a NWO Wonk like George Soros Brag that” China Will Lead The NWO and America Had Better Get Use To The Idea” Why is all of the West’s Gold being allowed to be siphoned/transferred/looted East to China and a lesser extent Russia.

    These are not random acts,but are the result of a well planned,choreographed,generational sequence of events and they are on track with the end game,which is in sight.The take down of Capitalist America is the last big enchilada.As soon as the US is bankrupted,led into war,in the end all(what’s left) will be merged together into their One World Totalitarian Socialist Government(NWO Utopia,”The Great Work”)

    Oh by the way,The Elites that cntrol the top of all Socialist/Communist Regimes are True Pure Capitalists,They own/control all the wealth,the working class gets the crumbs. All is not what it seems.Connect those DOTS.It has all been written about.It has all been Prophesied to happen,we are the generation that is witness to it.

    Mayer Bauer Rothchilds took on as his family crest/banner the “Six Pointed Star” aka Hexagram,aka “The Star of Remphan”:
    Ac 7:43 Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon.

    Moloch being the “God Of Prosperity” in Babylon or Baal the “God Of Money”.This is why Jesus told the Pharisees that they can not worship/serve two masters,you will love one and hate the other.You can not serve God and Mammon.They rejected their Messiah in exchange for The God Of Money/Mammon.

    Karl Marx: “The God of the Jews is Money”

    Rothchilds hitched his family to The God Of Money aka Moloch,aka Baal,aka The Devil/Satan ” The God Of This World” and their family proundly displays the Banner of their God,which is the “Six Pointed Star”.Rothchilds was able to get Israel to adopt The Six Pointed Star for their national flag.It also appears on The Great Seal Of The United States affixed over the Eagle’s Head on the seal.What do you think all that means?Here is my assessment:One of the Four Faces of the Anointed Cherub(Lucifer)(Eze 10:14)is an Eagle,this is as displayed on The Great Seal along with his Star(Six Pointed Star Of Remphan)over it’s head.There you see the image of one of the four of Lucifer’s images,validated by his Star.Here you have an enigma/conspiracy in plain view for all to see and not see.The God Of This World’s image/potrait is displayed on the FRN,it is his mark of owership.Another tidbit of info is the CMH(Congressional Medal Of Honor),that lecklace ribbon with the outline of a six pointed star with an upside down medal of the five point star(goat head of mendes)Another symbol for The Devil.Another opportunity for Lucifer to recieve honor/worship via the Highest Honor of the land,the CMH.

    I know the detractors will have a field day with that one,but the facts are the facts.

    Is it any wonder why the leaders/elite of America proudly boast they are bringing in “The New World Order”,Lucifer’s NWO.
    “America Has A Date With Destiny” – Franklin Roosevelt (32nd deg.)Destiny being “King Of The Despots” of Protocols Fame.

    One of the greatest feats the Devil/Satan has accomplished is to convince the people/Masses that he doesn’t exist!

    The facts prove that he does exist and he has for millenia controlled the World from the shadows through his proxies that carry his banner and do his bidding.They are all richly rewarded for their efforts/loyalty.

    “Their power is money,their power is finance” – John Todd -(Bloodlines of the Illuminati)

    The uber wealthy/elite wish to maintain their anonymity and for good reason,to contain the conspiracy and keep it off the radar screen from behind the scenes.By keeping the spotlight off themselves,they also contain/hide the identity of the one who grants them their power and wealth.

    glitter 1
    October 29, 2014 at 4:44 pm · Reply
    I just finished viewing Lindsey William’s latest DVD” Special Events Scheduled For 2015″.Per his Elite Connection(not his preditions).
    I know that many roll their eyes back into their head when they see/hear that name and that’s ok for those that think their own opinion is the final authority,but for those that have eyes to see and ears to hear here it goes:

    > The Elites expect a “Devine Intervention”,possibly a comet/asteroid/heavenly body crashing into the Atlantic Ocean creating an East Coast Flood.(my first thought was “Global Coastal Event”- Clif High,hmmm..)

    > There is going to be a Stock Market Crash.

    > There is going to be a Housing Market Crash.

    > There is going to be a Derivative Meltdown.

    > The Health Care System(Obamacare)will collapse.

    > There will be a Financial Collapse during September/October.

    > The price/value of Gold will sky rocket.

    These are the things “That Will Not Happen”

    > There will not be Riots.

    > Gun confiscation will not happen.

    Lindsey made a point to say that The Elite(s) are not god(s),even though they may think they are.Even though this is their plan(s) and time table(s),dynamics of events could cause revision and changes to the plan,but these are the scheduled events for 2015.
    He also pointed out that he is no longer doing interviews and requests that the DVD not be uploaded to the Internet(you tube).

    > The NWO is not what most think.
    > The Goal/End Game is all scripted and is playing out as planned.
    > The Controllers are not just in the US,UK,EU,they are also in
    China,Russia,Japan,Korea,Canada,Mexico and all of the rest.
    > They are all in on it and doing their bit part.
    > Once you know and understand the Big Picture Plan,you can connect the Dots and
    deduce where this is all headed.
    > “The Signs Of The Times”,the Markers and Sign Posts are before us to see.The
    Controllers will not turn it back/allow it to turn back.
    > When the Great Convergence arrives,they will all go under ground(into their bunkers) and leave the
    “Profane” to swing in the breeze on their own,to fend for themselves.

    • AgShaman

      Moneychangers spend their time wisely. Most of it is spent looting govts and it’s peoples. Then, because of parasitical intuition, the end of the gravy train is where they spend their time moving their loot to the safe locations

    • Eric

      Thanks for reposting the Lindsey Williams stuff glitter.

      Forwarding on once again.

  • Abby

    What none of you seem to Get is that Rome and the Jewish, tribe of Judah Herod Kings have been in it together for 2,000 years. They are two sides of the same coin and always have been. They both stand for the same things. As quoted by Howard

    “Top Vatican adviser Jeffrey Sachs says that when Pope Francis visits the United States in September, he will directly challenge the “American idea” of God-given rights embodied in the Declaration of Independence.”

    The Roman Universal Empire believes they own the earth, all people on the earth and all souls. What Sachs says is in TOTAL alignement with everything that the Vatican has ever stood for. They do not believe in American sovereignty! Because the USA is now a vassal state of the Vatican. Go read the their history since day dot! They have been persecuting Christians forever! As far as they are concerned you have no rights, they own you lock stock and barrel! And the Rothschilds work FOR the Vatican not the other way around. Maybe when they start burning you all at the stake as they did throughout Europe to millions of people YOU lot will finally wake up!

  • Eric

    I think the most obvious sign are all the catholic priests that wear their jewcaps. The representation of Saturn (El), as in Isis (moon) Ra (sun) El (Saturn)

    Rothschilds control the money. They don’t work for anybody. I don’t see what difference any of this makes though.

    As the saying goes…”It’s a big club. And you ain’t in it.” -George Carlin

  • Eric

    One more thing guys… we keep covering the same points over and over and over and over and over. Yes it gets old. But it gets easier as time goes by. New people will awaken. New people are awakening. Can’t stop now.

    As long as we have the internet, we must continue to use it. One of the greatest inventions of the 20th century!!!

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