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More Kitco CRAP: Gold “held hostage” by the USD(?)

by Jeff Nielson, Bullion Bulls:

I still visit Basher Central on a regular basis. Sometimes I do so simply when I need a good laugh, and sometimes I do so to monitor the top themes in anti-precious metals propaganda. Today’s visit falls under the latter category. Go there this morning, and you will see for or five variations of exactly the same drivel, and thus we can conclude that it is the principal form of current [KITCO] anti-precious metals propaganda:
Gold Near Steady, Held Hostage by U.S. Dollar

Understand how nonsensical is this drivel. It becomes apparent when we simply expand upon this pseudo-thinking. According to the propaganda; gold is currently “trapped” by the (supposed) strength of the USD, and thus its PRICE is (relatively) frozen. But that doesn’t even make sense.

What do we mean by a “strong dollar”? It means it’s currently rising (in value) versus other currencies. But when the media mouthpieces talk about gold being “trapped” by the dollar, this is almost the same thing as saying that gold is PEGGED to the dollar: it moves parallel to the USD.

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