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Harvard Economist: “Eliminate All Paper Money!”

from McAlvany Financial:

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22 comments to Harvard Economist: “Eliminate All Paper Money!”

  • Eliminate the bankers and the government–and the police instead. It’s time we showed those A-holes who’s in charge. Start by erecting our own guide stones showing how We The People intend to de-populate them — showing how we don’t intend to allow them to parasitism off our labor and energy any more. I’m sick and tired of worrying or wondering what’s their next plan for us is going to be. It’s time we took the offensive.

    • Howard Roark

      Yep, and here’s step one….STOP FILING TAX RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Will you be harassed, yep. But this remains and always has been the ONLY peaceful means to stop them.

      Is it easy, not really. Have I done it myself, yes, for over 25 years.

      Is it worth it….YOU BET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [email protected]

    I say go for it! In 60 days Americans will have a new commerce system led by hookers who damn sure are not going out of business but will overnight begin a new system of currency.
    What can I get for 2 dozen eggs? 🙂

    Everything the NWO comes up with at this point is a failure.
    Banksters stop inbreeding!

  • Howard Roark

    S W A M P them with non-filers and the whole ROTTED, FILTHY thing FALLS!!!!!!!!

  • Craig it's all gone

    It’s interesting how the entire Federal Reserve Banking system is built upon the confiscation of taxes thru the IRS, and if people stopped the irs,, then yes,, I can see how the central banksters can all fall down. Interesting, and probably factual concept.

    Here’s another concept,, yes,, I agree with the elimination of all paper money,, but replacing it with genuine gold & silver coins (again).
    But we do need some good, simple, reliable, CHEAP method to test for Tungsten, lead, and other ways of faking the true metals.

    Banks & governments HATE precious metal coinage. Too hard to “ponzi-print” the PM’s.

    As for me? I’m growing a big vegetable garden (it’s like growing money).. and I’ll be eating NON GMO & NON Monsanto garbage.

    I even removed my landscaping and planted pototoes and sunchokes out front by the street curb.. will have lots of veggies the neighbors think it’s just new landscaping.

    Ginger roots sprout and grow nice, and look good too.

    • Howard Roark

      That’s nice “Craig”…always good to hear self preservation stories….now STOP FILING!!!

      If you think change can be affected by growing gardens and not get “dirty”….well, in the words of Pink Floyd….”I’ve some bad news for you sunshine…we’re going to find out where you fans REALLY stand?!!!”

      • Craig it's all gone

        I have the “unfortunate position” of being retired and collecting what’s left of a “traditional pension” and they “withhold” all the taxes every month before I can get my hands on it, and if I didn’t file, they’d keep every penny of my refund too.

        I’m thankful to be getting any kind of pension, as most people in this world will never get a single dollar of support,,even though they worked all their lives for it.

        Starving the “beast” is one of the best ways to stop him. I’ll just have to do MY part by NOT giving money to the agri-biz companies that pull the strings of gov’t. I’ll be starving the “agri-biz” & Monsanto. I’ll be installing solar panels to help starve the energy companies too.

        So, even though I cannot directly starve big gov’t,, I can do my part to starve the corporations that control the gov’t. End result is the same.

        Can you imagine if there was NO need for Fukushima (GE) nuclear power plants,,or coal fired plants,, or fracking oil? Those corrupt companies have a lot of control over the gov’t at our expense. Solar panels and other ways of self-sufficiency all play a good part in the “good fight”.
        You attack from the front, and I’ll attack from the rear of the beast, and together, we will win.

        • Howard Roark

          I hear you Craig…I’m 48, I had MANY opportunities to be trapped in the “pension”, “401k” scam. For the record, I’m college educated in math and haven’t filed in over twenty five years. I still work(when I can get it) on terms that don’t involve slave surveillance numbers, but it’s getting harder, MUCH harder.

          We all awake at different times I know, but with each passing day the cost for saying “NO” goes up exponentially.

          With all due respect, if you watch the “news”…uncooperative “taxpayers” garner FAR more attention than those who try and scam the system. The reason? Those that scam the system are still IN THE SYSTEM…”they” fear ONLY those FAR more that are no longer IN the system…control is the be ALL end ALL…and you my friend are in THEIR control.

          If you’re not taking flak, you’re not over the target.

          Read all the NUMEROUS posts on SGTREPORT about the system pushing for the cashless system, then read Daniel and Revelation

          Be angry at me if you like, but it doesn’t changes the F A C T S.

          • glitter 1

            “Read all the NUMEROUS posts on SGTREPORT about the system pushing for the cashless system, then read Daniel and Revelation”

            So you also must be aware that the only way to avoid what’s to come as spelled out in Daniel & Revelation,you must have faith in 2TH 2:3.The only way to escape what is to come in Daniel/Rev.Having your name written in the Lamb’s Book Of Life.

  • anon

    +1, Craig it’s all gone: “Starving the “beast” is one of the best ways to stop him.”

    Here are a few links, that provide possible INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS, that assist people in becoming more self-reliant, and less susceptible to the machinations, predations, of the District of Criminals and Wall St. predators:

    Withdraw Your Consent: 25 Ways to Declare Your Independence

    50 Ways to Starve the Beast

    Let’s Stop Fooling Ourselves: Americans Can’t Afford the Future

    89 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression

    Be sure to read all the comments which follow the articles (above), for many more INDIVIDUAL SOLUTIONS, that anyone may begin using today, to counter the predations of the predatory class (.001%)

    END THE “FED”!

  • anon

    The Hegelian Dialectic, or “Problem-Reaction-Solution”

    “…utter economic disaster, with all its appalling consequences.

    And the consequences are likely to be in the form of riots, civil disorder, a possible complete breakdown of each country’s infrastructure and, most menacingly of all, food shortages.

    Most people would ‘pay any price’ (now, where have we heard that before?) to avoid all this. That is what the Elite are relying on. Because at the appropriate time they will step forward with their [pre-planned] ‘solution’ to this nightmare situation.

    And what will that solution be? Why, it will be to hand them absolute power, absolute control, over all matters that up to now have been considered matters to be decided at a national, or even local, level. Part of that absolute power will be to abolish our present form of money, including cash.

    Cash has always been the bane of the Elite. Cash, after all, enables the little folk, the ordinary people who form the backbone of any country, to settle their little debts and other affairs between themselves without anyone else (even the taxman, heaven forbid!) knowing. Cash enables us to go about our own business without having to let the parasitic banks and ultimately the parasitic Elite in on the act. No wonder the Elite wants to abolish cash.”


  • anon

    Yet, it goes deeper than most Americans realize. It is a GLOBAL CORPORATE (and therefore FASCIST, such as under Mussolini) TECHNOCRACY.

    Caravan To Midnight: Episode 250 – Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood w/John B. Wells


    Read ALL comments, click on ALL links, read, view, listen to ALL content.

    • anon

      The TPP is a good example, of how the Corporations are seeking to END NATIONAL SOVEREIGNTY, and the BAN ON CASH is their attempt to END INDIVIDUAL SOVEREIGNTY!

  • Willie

    I have said this before… If people think that they can get the Asian races to go “cashless” then they are living in dreamland.

    • anon

      What does not getting Asians to go “cashless” have to do with the Western “Cabal” attempting to get everyone in the West to go “cashless”? I don’t see how the one necessarily has anything to do with the other. The Chinese may do one thing, but the “elites” of the West may do another. The Western “Cabal” may impose drastic measures in the West, if they begin to see, that their “NWO” scheme is coming apart at the seams everywhere else, outside the West. Which appears to be the case, as let’s face it – Russia is rich in resources, as is Africa, and China is rich in labor and manufacturing – and China is doing business with both Russia and Africa. China and Russia are the sovereign nations in the BRICS. Brazil, India, and South Africa are still significantly indebted to the IMF/World Bank, and to its terms. China now has its AIIB. The Western “elites” or “Cabal” may be circling the wagons, so to speak, because they see that their “NWO” plan is beginning to unravel outside the West, and, as a result, they most likely think that they’ll have to establish tighter controls in the West, to maintain their own wealth, and lifestyle, as income generated from outside the West begins to evaporate?

  • At the Beach

    Some state governments will create their own hard currencies for local use. Some already have laws in place to do just that when the dollar fails.

  • anon

    The desire of the Western “elites” to BAN CASH, is really about forcing everyone to transact ELECTRONICALLY, so that EVERY transaction will leave a DIGITAL footprint, a record, that can be accessed at any time – possibly even in real time – if they are literally monitoring someone as the person is making those payments. And, no, it’s NOT about fighting “terrorism”. “ISIS”/ISIL/IS is CIA/Mossad. It appears that the Western “elites” may be looking ahead to China’s emerging role in the global economy, and see, that with a loss of the USD/FRN as the sole world reserve currency – that the “elites” themselves will have to impose “tighter controls” in the West, in order to maintain their own lifestyle to which they’ve become accustomed. I mean, SOMEONE has to SUBSIDIZE these Western “elites” who PRODUCE NO PRODUCT or service, other than HOUSING BUBBLES, DERIVATIVES BUBBLES, LIBOR FRAUD, BANKER BAILOUTS, CURRENCY DEVALUATION, INFLATION, or the “hidden tax”, as well as the “National Debt”! Who will subsidize them, as their profits from having the (former) sole world reserve currency begin to dry up? The citizens of the West, that’s who!

    Caravan To Midnight: Episode 250 – Technocracy Rising — Patrick Wood w/John B. Wells

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