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McDonald’s Stops Reporting Monthly Sales to Hide Plummeting Fast Food Business

by J. D. Heyes, Natural News:

Anti-GMO activists and those who advocate for organic foods have a lot to be happy about regarding the recent decision by fast food retailer giant McDonald’s to stop publishing its traditional monthly revenue reports. Their decision has everything to do with the fact that more Americans are now making better food choices.

As reported by Bloomberg News, McDonald’s has announced it won’t be publishing monthly same-store sales results in the coming days as Chief Executive Officer Steve Easterbrook works feverishly to revive revenue growth at the world’s biggest fast food chain.

For now, the company plans to release same-store sales reports for June with second-quarter earnings data, but then they will stop providing the monthly revenue reports, according to company spokeswoman Heidi Barker. In an email to Bloomberg News, Barker said results for May will be reported on June 8. The company does plan to continue providing quarterly reports of comparable-store sales.

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2 comments to McDonald’s Stops Reporting Monthly Sales to Hide Plummeting Fast Food Business

  • Rodster

    Garbage food that’s why sales are plummeting. When I compare a supermarket Angus frozen burger to McDonald’s best $7 burger, it’s no contest. The Angus burger at $1.49 per patty destroys what McDonald’s is selling.

  • Ed_B

    Years ago, a co-worker dropped a McD’s fry behind his desk. It laid there on the floor next to the wall completely unnoticed in an office that had ant problems. After a dozen years, the office was reconfigured and this fry was discovered. It looked as if it had been dropped there recently but it hadn’t. You know that there is no food value in something if ants ignore it and not even mold can grow on it.

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