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Kerry in China: ‘Because of Climate Change in the United States, We Are Ending Any Funding’ of ‘Coal-Fired Power’

by Terence P. Jeffrey, CNSnews:

At a joint press conference in Beijing yesterday with People’s Republic of China Foreign Minister Wang Yi, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said that the Obama administration intends to cooperate closely with the PRC leading into a U.N. climate conference in Paris in December and that the U.S. is “ending any funding” of coal-fired power projects.

President Barack Obama’s fiscal 2016 budget proposal calls for increasing taxes on the coal industry by $4.252 billion from 2016-2025 while providing “refundable” tax credits to “renewable” energy projects such as solar and wind power facilities.

“There are three key meetings that we are all working on together to prepare for in order to build success,” said Kerry. “One is the Security and Economic Dialogue that will take place in June in Washington. Two is the summit between President Xi and President Obama to take place in September. And three is the global meeting that we are working on together regarding climate change in Paris in December.”

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2 comments to Kerry in China: ‘Because of Climate Change in the United States, We Are Ending Any Funding’ of ‘Coal-Fired Power’

  • randy0302

    you can tell a globalist by their approach to climate change. Shutting down coal plants (destroying jobs and energy), taxation, MOAR chemtrails etc.

    Humanity has found solutions already I permaculture and this:
    Instead of using predator drones to kill. These drones will map the Amazon jungles and drop 36,000 tree seed pods per day!

    Don’t argue the “Science”….science is bought. Examine someone’s solutions…and remember carbon is oxygen for trees and plants. Is that really the enemy?

  • dan

    total dismantling of the USA..step by step….as the progressives in charge ‘march forward’ to fundamentally change this once proud and prosperous country…..the new mantra will be …’ breath easy we are cutting back our carbon footprint, so that China can continue to increase their’s ‘…..

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