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Karen Hudes: “The Banking Cartel’s Domination Was Based On Secrecy And They’ve Lost It”

from Richie Allen:

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6 comments to Karen Hudes: “The Banking Cartel’s Domination Was Based On Secrecy And They’ve Lost It”

  • Michael Goyer

    Don’t trust this decepticon ! It is the old good cop bad cop routine. She represents the Hegelian Dialectic.

  • anon

    The Western International Central Banking Cartel (Rothschilds, Rockefellers, etc.) – their domination was based upon secrecy and they’ve lost it? (Well, maybe they’ve lost a little of the secrecy, but certainly NOT the domination. Unless they’re losing a little of that, too, slowly, incrementally, to China, and the BRICS – which may be the reason behind the TPP?)

    A FEW more Americans have (more or less) “awakened”. Not enough though, I am sure. Not enough Americans have TRULY awakened, but, I suspect they will, one way or another. Probably AFTER the coming economic “collapse”. The “learning curve” appears “too steep” for most conformist, intellectually-lazy Americans. Too lazy to seek out the truth, apparently. And too conformist to speak the truth. Hence, America’s decline as a leader in the world. What brought about this decline? Did it have something to do with things like NAFTA? Who, exactly, are the “globalists”? Why would they seek to WEAKEN America, by shipping her manufacturing(-base/) jobs to China, India, and elsewhere? What is all this talk about a “New International Economic Order”, or the “New World Order” that Henry Kissinger talks about? Who, exactly, does Henry Kissinger work for? Who benefits? (Hint: David Rockefeller, & Rothschild-ZIONIST-Israel.)

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