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John Rubino – When Cash Is Outlawed The Banksters Have Won


John Rubino joins us for his latest weekly installment.

Once cash is outlawed the government will be in complete control of your financial decisions, or so they think. When they want you to spend more, they turn up the pressure to spend and when inflation starts heating up they’ll turn it down. However, man is very ingenious and will come up with a way to beat the bankster, guaranteed! Whether it’s with gold and silver or with gift cards the law of unintended consequences will prevail.

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1 comment to John Rubino – When Cash Is Outlawed The Banksters Have Won

  • Craig it's all gone

    When cash is outlawed, how will they “TAX” vaginas? Cash is just a convenient form of BARTER.

    As much as they wish, bartering with things other than cash, in world history, has ALWAYS been happening. Me? I’m growing the biggest garden I can do.

    Want a few pounds of taters, carrots & onions? Whataya got for me?

    You want a dozen chicken eggs? Hmmmmm.. let me think. You got some “CREDIT points” on your “Cashless Card” you can use? Go buy me a half a tank of gas, put it on YOUR card and I’ll give you the eggs.

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