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Jade Helm Offical Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Finally, we are getting some much needed honesty with regard to the true nature of Jade Helm. The information is not overtly forthcoming, but in this clumsily made presentation to local Texas officials, one can pretty much ascertain the true nature of the drill, that is, if one can get around the obvious lies being told to the public by this Jade Helm official.

The Jade Helm official, Tom Meade, a Senior Non-commissioned officer from Army Special Forces (Retired) is now working as a private military contractor and he recently briefed local officials in Big Spring, Texas as to the purposes and the scope of the Jade Helm exercise.

Why Do Military Contractors Know More About the Drill Thank Senior Command Leaders in the Jade Helm Exercise?

Two of my military sources were agitated beyond words when they watched this briefing. To quote one of my sources, he stated “This goddamn retired Non-com knows more than the command officers running Jade Helm about what they are going to be doing. And now this SOB military contractor, who’d sell their own mother down the river, are running this operation instead of the General, Colonels and senior Non-Coms. Only in the Obama administration could this happen”.

Collectively, we watched this 15 minute tape and my two sources used profanity more times than in the years that I have known them. I have never seen them this angry.

The Truth Will Out

Below is a transcript of key information revealed by private military contractor, Tom Meade. Please note that Meade repeatedly admits throughout the tape that Jade Helm is NOT training for Iraq and Afghanistan despite the repeated lies told by National Public Radio, KHOU TV in Houston, the Washington Post and Fox and Friends. The tape has been out for a few weeks, however, a word by word analysis has not been conducted.

Key Statements

1:30  We are asking Big Spring city council for a letter of invitation which would invite “forces” to train within your city limits in areas that have low population density.

Analysis: As the readers will soon see, this is about military personnel who are in hiding in rural areas and trying to live off of the land.

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7 comments to Jade Helm Offical Reveals True Purposes of JH-15: This Is a Must Read!

  • dan

    if you do not go down ‘firing’ you will never be free…..imho

  • Ed_B

    US Gov:



    Does anyone reading this have ANY faith in either of the above statements? If not, then, yes, you ARE learning. Carry on.

  • pipes

    So let me tell you why Dave is not to be trusted.

    I have followed him for quite a while now, and on occasion found fault in his analysis, conclusions, or “proof”.

    Problem is – he won’t allow for it.

    Now, if you dispute something he says, he’ll tell you you’re wrong. Not WHY you are wrong, just that you are.

    If however, you make a case for why he is in error, he will simply not allow your comment to be seen. He will censor you.

    Now, I could even accept THAT, if that were the worst of it. But having shown him his errors (and it is HE who is the editor), he CONTINUES to perpetuate the misinformation he should now know is wrong.

    This tells me he is either a spineless coward who cannot admit having been mistaken, or that he is deliberately mis- or dis-informing, to advance an agenda.

    Take for instance a couple of weeks ago…he was hot on this supposed SAM battery in TX. Problem is, it was a mock-up training dummy. But here’s the real rub…more than one person told him what it really was. He dismissed them with a definitive “you are wrong”. Case closed. I myself pointed out that the photo “proof” was clearly a dimension-lacking dummy. I further provided him the comparison photo link which came about as a result of a link HE PROVIDED IN HIS OWN ARTICLE to a local news piece about the “SAMs”. In an update, the news station provide photos – one of which was an EXACT MATCH to what could be seen in Dave’s “proof” photo, although at a greater distance, and through foliage. Not only did he NOT post my rebuttal, HE CONTINUED TO INSIST THE SAMS WERE REAL.

    So here we are on Memorial weekend, and Dave gets an email from a ret. Army Lt. General – who he has apparently checked out. Thing is…red flags are waving all around this guy.

    Where to start? OK…so this “General” was one of 270 purged by Obama over recent years…but he’s Army, so that would further identify him. But then he goes on to say that he has an active duty Army officer son, he’s probably already told on himself at this point, but it gets worse. The son – IN THE “GENERAL’S” WORDS NOW – “commands a wing of Apache helicopters”. Now…100%, he’s cooked, right? After all, 270 minus all non-Army, minus all no active duty sons in Army, plus son commanding an Apache wing equals positive ID on “General” right?

    Not so fast.

    A ret. Army General – ESPECIALLY ONE WITH A SON IN THE BIZ – would not use term “wing” when describing his son’s command. The Army doesn’t use that terminology.

    So he’s a fake.

    Which explains why he would not fear revealing so much about himself. It also explains why he would go on to implicate himself, his son, his family friend and others as potential participants in a coup. THAT’S RIGHT – he goes on to claim that at this dinner, the son, the friend, and others all said they’d follow him in the case of civil war.

    Once again, I have pointed out to Dave – with posts to TWO SEPARATE ARTICLES (both referring to the “General’) – all these facts and inconsistencies. Not a cuss word or improper claim in either post…and once again he has censored my comments, and NOT changed his angle on the story.


    You have pissed me off, and I will tell anyone who cares to hear, what a pretender you are

    • pipes, thanks for that in-depth analysis. I’d given up on Hodges for essentially the reasons you’re outlining, but without spending the time you did to really document his shenanigans. Just yesterday, I was going to simply comment almost exactly what you said — that Hodges is either delusional, a coward, or a disinfo agent. Perhaps all three! lol

      I know a lot of other readers here don’t trust this guy either, probably for similar reasons: lots of overblown hysterical fear-mongering, with dubious sources. Enough is enough. Thanks again for your posting.

      • pipes

        “…but without spending the time you did…”

        Lol. I didn’t want to be accused of spouting ad-hom, AND I wanted to be heard on the matter – especially with regards to the “General”. Dave portrayed him as “checked-out”, and even referred to him (still credibly) the next day in a subsequent story. I attempted to post to both the original story and the follow up, to no effect. But when you read the comments he DOES allow through, they are overwhelmingly supportive. Just as Dave’s “regulars” didn’t seem capable of looking critically at the SAM photo and see something was off, neither did they listen to the “General’s” story, and hear something was amiss.

        I pointed out that if Dave wasn’t deliberately lying, he may be suffering from confirmation bias – seizing on anything that supports his approximate premise – without looking too hard at it. Since he DIDN’T acknowledge my information, and he DIDN’T change his tune regarding the “General” OR the “SAM”, I am forced to proceed on the assumption that he is a dis-informer deliberately.

        …and others should know it too.

        For the record…ONLY the Army has Apaches…in BATTALIONS, not “wings”. There is exactly ZERO chance that a ret. Army Lt. General would make this mistake…let alone one who’s SON supposedly commands one of these “wings”.

        Division. Regiment. Battalion.

        Dave Hodges is consciously allowing bad information to be spread.

        And that makes him dangerous.

  • Capt Obvious

    Is this the same military that destroyed Iraq based on lies, n murdered over a million innocent Iraqi families leaving depleted uranium everywhere?

    Is this the same military that destroyed the beautiful country of Lybia?

    Is this the same military currently supplying lethal arms to terrorists to destroy another innocent sovereign country of Syria?

    Is this the same military that intentionally stood down and let one of our own US Ambassadors be slaughtered so that no-one would uncover they were running guns n arms to terrorists?

    Is this operation run by the same administration that gave guns to Mexican gangs so they would in turn kill Americans?

    Is this the same military persecuting soldiers because of their Christian faith?

    Sorry, pattern is clear, smells like more of the same dog sheit.

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