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Jade Helm and Atzlan Giveaway of the American Southwest

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

A source within the government has informed me that we should brace for another massive wave of immigration this summer coming up through the Central American corridor. Further, America’s participation in the Refugee/Resettlement program is endangering the national security of this country. Both of these irresponsibleand illegal actions by the Obama administration begs the answer to certain questions: What does the future hold for a country that refuses to protect its citizens from foreign intrusion by criminal elements? How many third world immigrants can the United States absorb until the United States becomes a third world country? Finally, what are the immediate national security implications of these reckless actions by Obama?

The Chesterton Prophecies

America’s future has already been foretold in G. K. Chesterton’s, The Flying Inn (1914). The book provides present day Americans with an opportunity to understand what is happening to their loss of culture and of national sovereignty. The book consists of a “fictional” account of how England had been stripped of its cultural identity. The book was written at the end of the British imperialistic period of dominance in which England had collapsed under the sheer weight of attempting to maintain its vast empire.

In the book, Chesterton maintains that England had lost far more than its preeminent position as the world’s sole super power. He postulated that England had lost its national soul through the unintended integration of its culture with more “barbaric cultures” that it had previously conquered.

The protagonist in The Flying Inn, Dalroy, proclaimed that great nations have frequently followed a similar pattern of progressive and complete self-destruction:

  1. The great nation declares victory over the barbarians.
  2. The great nation begins to enjoy the fruits of cheap labor by employing the barbarians that it had conquered.
  3. The barbarians become so enmeshed into the great nation, that an alliance with barbarians is formed (e.g., de facto amnesty including members of criminal organizations like the Sinoloa drug cartel).
  4. Assimilation is followed with the barbarians becoming a privileged class (e.g. free medical). Thus, the great nation is conquered.

Near the end of the book, almost every virtuous cultural tradition, of the great nation, comes under sharp criticism, while every cultural tradition emanating from the barbarians’ place of origin became praiseworthy while the majority culture’s traditions are held in contempt.

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  • med_mercenary

    Did anyone else catch the Mexican national anthem before the May/Paq bout in Las Vegas. Obviously, no mexican boxer in that particular fight, so why the observance?

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