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Jade Helm 15 – Like a Thief in the Night

from The Liberty Brothers:

Clearly, no other event has garnered more attention, been responsible for more page views, or has been propagandized more by mainstream media than the upcoming military training exercises know as Jade Helm 15.

As we have reported numerous times ( Here, here, here and here) on The Liberty Brothers Radio Show, the exact nature of Jade Helm 15 is not even truly known by the participating members who serve in our military. However, many fine investigators have garnered reliable sources who paint a pretty bleak picture for most Americans as a result of Jade Helm 15.

One such investigative journalist, Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show, has been one of the leading reporters on Jade Helm 15, and what the upcoming military exercise really means for Americans. Dave was gracious enough to co-host with my broadcast partner, Jason, as I was away working and could not make the show.

Some of the topics covered with Dave over the course of the broadcast include the coming financial collapse, the fact that your money belongs to the bank, bank bail-ins, the MERS fraud, “Red-List” hit-squads and the round-up of dissidents.

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2 comments to Jade Helm 15 – Like a Thief in the Night

  • randy0302

    Seriously you are quoting Hodges?? lol
    Dave is not alternative media he is a troll. It is insane that our troops are coming to get us? I spent 21 yrs on active duty as a Marine….its not happening.

    Dave is trying to create an environment where the Soros/Nuland/NWO crowd can attempt a false flag against our troops and make it plausible.
    Dave articles are filled with DIS INFO. Yesterday his headline was Lt Gen speaks out…of course this was a total BS story as no name was given.
    Don’t fall for this crap and don’t repeat it.

    The SGT Report seriously needs a filter on this total CRAP “journalism”. They are being punked or involved in the dis info.

  • Timco

    Agreed. And if there really is a distinguished general feeding Hodges this info, he’s a coward for not coming forward to warn the American people.

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