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ISIS Will Soon Have the Capability to Nuke Multiple U.S. Cities [Ed. Note: The Ultimate False Flag]

by Dave Hodges, The Common Sense Show:

Last week, I unveiled the content of an email from a former Lt. General who had very grave concerns about Jade Helm. In a subsequent email, this same source expressed concern over series of possible nuclear detonations on American soil.

“My (and others) greatest fear is that rouge elements within the numerous federal agencies will unleash targeted nuclear detonations within several U.S. cities… But no one knows how many of the weapons are actually in play”.

I held on to this information, because at the time, I feared the information too volatile and lacked collaborative proof. However, within the context of developing events that have unfolded this week, I have been forced to reconsider my original position.

DoD Expects a Nuclear Attack Upon America

Shawna Sterling sent me a communication which detailed how ISIS, according to a DoD report is expecting a nuclear attack from ISIS on American soil.

Shawna found DoD documents that revealed ISIS ability to attack the United States. ISIS is presently boasting about their capabilities to nuke America within the next 12 month

I have documented how ISIS has a safe retreat in Mexico just a few miles from the Texas border. Originally, Judicial Watch broke the story and now we have two independent collaborations from Mexican officials. The newly discovered DoD documents magically disappeared after Sterling found them but she was able to reconstitute the file.

Sterling questioned why the DoD would want to keep this information from the public as she speculates that someone who has infiltrated the DoD doesn’t want the public to know about the nuclear detonation plans of ISIS because U.S. forces “could use the information to defend ourselves from the coming attacks”. Sterling also alleges a deliberate and treasonous stand down of our security forces in order to increase our vulnerability. Why else would the DoD attempt to obscure these documents from the public?

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